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I love Burroughs but this book was painful to get through It was extremely drawn out and it had an ok story but was nothing compared to John carter of mars I m pretty sure this book is part of a trilogy, which doesn t make much sence to me After how complex and drawn out the moon maid was, I can t even imagine what the other books would even be about, especially since the moon maid had such a definite ending Never the less I probably will not be reading the others. I don t have this particular volume, from Bison, but I have the earlier release and just love it Sheer adventure Excellent And fun. [Free E-pub] ♵ The Moon Maid ⚖ In The Late Twentieth Century, Admiral Julian Rd Can Get No Rest, For He Knows His Future He Will Be Reborn As His Grandson In The Next Century To Journey Through Space And Make An Ominous Discovery Inside The Moon He Will Live Again In The Dark Years Of The Twenty Second Century As Julian Th, Who Refuses To Bow Down To The Victorious Moon Men And As Julian Th, The Fierce Red Hawk, He Will Lead Humanity S Final Battle Against The Alien Invaders In The Twenty Fifth Century The Moon Maid Is Edgar Rice Burroughs S Stunning Epic Of A World Conquered By Alien Invaders From The Moon And Of The Hero Julian, Who Champions The Earth S Struggle For Freedom, Peace, And Dignity The Most Complete Version Of The Moon Maid Saga Ever Made Available, This Edition Contains The Story As Published Serially, Along With Numerous Passages, Sentences, And Words Excised From The Magazine Version Or Added Later By The Author This Edition Also Features An Introduction By Terry Bisson, New Illustrations By Thomas Floyd, The Classic Frontispiece By J Allen St John, Essays By Scholar Richard J Golsan And Writer Phillip R Burger, A Glossary By Scott Tracy Griffin, And A Compendium Of Alterations To The Text So I haven t gotten around to reviewing this one yet, I see Well, it s ERB, so you pretty much know what you re going to get in a novel of his That is, heroics, villains, and a hot love interest that needs both kissed and rescued often, and by a hero who knows how This one takes place inside the moon, in the future 21st Century Yes, inside the moon It s fast paced and exciting It s seen by some as an allegory for the threat of communism Perhaps, but I think it s best approached as a tale of rousing adventure set in another world The ending is a cliffhanger, setting up the sequel The Moon Men I liked this one enough to eventually read that one as well. Very similar to THE PRINCESS OF MARS, although ERB s mild self plagiarism doesn t particularly bother me in this case, in that I found THE MOON MAID to be something of an improvement At least THE MOON MAID tries to bescientific in terms of space travel, but of course the science is all bogus and horribly out of date For me, though, it s the ridiculousness of it that gives the book much of its charm At any rate, it is a fun adventure story, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about exotic alien races getting punched in the face. This audiobook titled The Moon Maid actually has all three of ERB s Lunar Trilogy The Moon Maid, The Moon Men and The Red Hawk I only recommend this one for ERB fans and fans of early science fiction however, the history of it is interesting enough to warrant light research In 1919, ERB wrote a novel titled Under the Red Flag It was a speculative future novel in which the Bolsheviks of then contemporary Soviet Russia took over the world It was rejected Three years later, in good ERB fashion, he recycled it and wrote a prelude The Moon Maid.The Moon Maid seems familiar to readers of the Barsoom novels consequently, it ties in with those In this fictional history, Earth is well aware of John Carter s adventures on Mars and have been in contact, even sharing technology An expedition is set A Starship, called The Barsoom , sets voyage from Earth to Mars and is captained by Julien V Along the way, they are sabotaged by the mustache twirling villain Orthis and crash on Luna As it turns out, Luna is a Hollow Earth What follows is a standard ERB Lost World adventure, complete with earthmen being able to take advantage the moons low gravity It entails cannibalistic centaur like savages and war like Moon Men that call themselves Kalkars Overall, The Moon Maid feels like a blend of the Barsoom novels with a splash of Pelucidar It makes for fun Sword and Planet Lost World reading Of most interest to me was it s prologue ERB uses the format he has used before of the tale being related to another by another, in this case, a future relation of Julien This future Julien narrates to his listener a future in which The Great War did not end until 1967 He also lets his listener know that time does not work as we believe There is no past or future, only Now ERB does nothing with this plot element It feels like he simply added it to flavor the stew The Moon Men uses the same narrator and listener as The Moon Maid We learn that 24 years after the events of The Moon Maid, Orthis leads the Kalkars on a planetary invasion of Earth The final fate of Julien V and Orthis is related to us From there, the plot shifts four generations into the future and our protagonist becomes Julien IX Earth is now a war torn dystopia The Kalkars are our masters Of course a resistance is born, it s symbol a war torn American flag that has been passed from Julien to Julien since 1896 It s easy to see the roots of The Moon Men in its original guise of Under A Red Flag The Kalkars are only thinly veiled Bolsheviks I won t give away the ending, but it did not end as I expected The third novel, The Red Hawk, was the most interesting to me It takes place hundreds of years past the events of The Moon Men ERB drops the convention of the first two of a future Julien relating the tale of another Julien Instead, we the audience are told our protagonists story directly from him In this case Julien XX Earth has degenerated further Humans who now identify themselves as either Juliens read Americans, and Julien is both an individual and a group or Orthis read Soviet Kalkars Sympathizers, and as is the case with Julien, there is A Orthis, and Orthis as a group Actually, in the case of Orthis it is further complicated There is the Orthis, True Orthis and Usurper Orthis These groups war with each other in the midst of Earthmen versus Kalkars It s very much a Sword Sorcery novel There are hints of technology, but mostly it is forgotten All live in tribes and clans reminiscent of those of Native Americans Consequently, and troubling so, true Native Americans are slaves to both the Julien s and the Kalkars I m not sure if ERB meant this as commentary, however, the Juliens identify themselves as Americans, but they have no sense of what that means They have taken to worshiping the American Flag Often, as an epitaph, they will say By the flag Intentional or not, it s telling Taken as a whole, all three novels serve as ERB s commentary upon War, communism and what must come after war It is in ways bleak, but ends with a bit of hope. Great pulp SiFi The creator of John Carter and Tarzan scores another hit with this book and it s 2 sequels Very recommended 250515 this is actually all three of the moon trilogy in one volume, though previously printed serially, with some continuity, with one character reincarnated over the extensive centuries i am trying to read at least one book of Tarzan, Mars, Moon, Venus, Lost World, Earth s Core, just to read what made burroughs so successfulso far, all known is agreeing with received wisdom same story, same first person narrator, same damsel to love and be loved by and rescue is how to meet cute , variety of obstacles to overcome, monsters, villains, loyal natives, action adventure with no complex characters, no complex worlds, all of this very easy entertainment to read it has been some years since i read the Princess of Mars, so how it may be a pale imitation of that series i do not know makes me think of what mundane lit, what crime pulps, what serious sf, was written at the same time 1922 who once read this now, maybe just kids, but then just men office drones or farm migrants or oil workers men with no freedom, only poverty, only ww1 veterans in an unjust world they could not understand just men who would consume this popular culture without seriousness, reading basically variations of the same story, in the days before tv, in the days of radio serials, movie serials when in town no pretended literary value, no demand or aspiration that the work be eternal or even then unique not something to readthan once there is a conflict between what is called pop and what is called serious but this is a dispute, a judgement, of those who do read workthan onceso, fun i think of what pleasures it would offer to the consumer, what guarantees of exotic worlds, lovely Girl, dastardly villains, monsters to be killed, escapes from cliffs each pulp serial issue repetitive yes, but not read when a kid, not read as comic books, seen as movies, so this is an interesting critical read sexist, somewhat, concept of an ideal woman is that she looks great, is noble, chaste, loves our hero racist, anti semitic, somewhat, of its time though admired stereotypical suffering Jewish character in second book elitist, somewhat, but politics is basically of the sandbox sort, ie who is strongest violence solving everything, usually, capture and escape and bursting bonds to save the Girl comic, yes that too reading Venus 2 right now, Carson explaining allusions to Girl he rescues golf is a mental disorder, and Prometheus a myth In reading this for the first time in over four decades, I found that I didn t remember The Moon Maid as clearly as the other Burroughs fantasies I ve been returning to However, when I encountered the name Orthis I immediately knew this was the villain The first time through, Burroughs made me hate that guy so thoroughly that the emotion is still there on tap.In terms of predicting the course of the 20th century, or even the course of space exploration, from his 1923 vantage point, Burroughs misses by a wide margin However, I think he hits a bulls eye in discerning a weakness in humanity, as recounted in this history of lunar societythere developed a small coterie that commenced to find fault with everyone who had achieved greater learning or greater power than they Finally they organized themselves into a secret society called The Thinkers, but knownaccurately to the rest of Va nah as those who thought that they thought It is a long story, for it covers a great period of time, but the result was that, slowly at first, and later rapidly, The Thinkers, who didtalking than thinking, filled the people with dissatisfaction, until at last they arose and took over the government and commerce of the entire world The arts and sciences languished and died with commerce and government, and Va nah fell back into barbarism As I ve noted in other Burroughs reviews, this isn t great literature I wish it could have been burnished further, becausecould be done with this material Still, I m enjoying all these books, and not only for nostalgia s sake. Not sure this lived up to it s blurb I zoned out on the audiobook, which you can start at the one hour mark after you ve learned the names of the Hero and Antagonist After this non spoilery view spoiler Antagonist sabotages ship, it ends up on Moon, real shocker, there hide spoiler