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As White House counsel to Richard Nixon during the Watergate years the author has seenthan his share of behind the scenes shenanigans His point in this book, written in 2004, was that Bush Cheney had taken the secrecy and obfuscation to limits that went far past anything Nixon had done From their gutting already established environmental policy to the fiasco that became the Iraq War, Bush Cheney lied when necessary, twisted the truth to meet their needs or just simply refused to answer any concerns raised by the American public or Congress.The single most mind boggling thing about their first term was that they were able to get themselves re elected Dean focused on the Bush Cheney obsession with secrecy He says that while Nixon ultimately resorted to a paranoid concern with secrecy, the Bush Cheney administration started out with an agenda that called for eliminating any light on White House activities He is also quite adamant in pointing out that this is the most lawless bunch of crooks to ever wield power, worse, by far, than Nixon He calls for their impeachment for lying to congress and the American people about their rationale for the war Coming from someone with his pedigree in government it is very compelling, and very frightening, because the world he describes is one, ultimately, of fascism Dean does not use the word at least I cannot recall him using it but that is clearly the intent He does include a chapter on scandal, and raises hopes that eventually, whether during a potential second term, or once out of office, when light is shone on activities, as he believes is inevitable, the potential for scandal is immense There is a nifty appendix that notes many organizations involved in anti secrecy activities. [Free Ebook] ☤ Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush ☸ Nobody Knows , Both From First Hand Experience And Legal Expertise, About The Abuse Of Presidential Power And Their Dangers Than John Dean, Former Counsel To President Nixon In Worse Than Watergate, Dean Delivers A Stunning Indictment Of The Current Bush Administration, And Issues An Urgent Alarm To The Nation The Bush Team S Obsession With Secrecy And Their Willingness To Deceive Make Them Even Dangerous Than Nixon S Dean Brilliantly Explores Bush S Emphasis On Image Over Substance His Angry, Mistrustful Personality His Excessive Fear Of Leaks His Reversing The Work Of His Predecessors In Opening Up Government His Imperial Governing Combined With Deeply Flawed Decision Making And His Serious Abuses Of National Security Secrecy From Refusing To Explain The Precarious Health Of The Powerful Vice President To Hiding The Identity Of Those Setting The Nation S Energy Policy, From Obstructing Investigations To Unprecedented Secrecy In The Name Of Fighting Terrorism, Dean Exposes The Dangers Of A Presidency That Is Using Weapons Of Mass Deception Against The American Public A warning from ex Watergate counsel Dean, on the dire consequences of electing the WRONG President 281 pages Donated 2010 May.The most facile presidential comparison one could make for George W Bush would be his father, who presided over a war in Iraq and a struggling economy Some neocons reject the parallel and compare Bush to his father s predecessor, Ronald Reagan, citing a plainspoken quality and a belief in deep tax cuts But John Dean goes further back, seeing in Bush all the secrecy and scandal of Dean s former boss, the notorious Richard Nixon The difference, as the title of Dean s book indicates, is that Bush is a heck of a lot worse While the book provides insightful snippets of the way Nixon used to do business, it offers them to shed light on the practices of Bush In Dean s estimation, the secrecy with which Bush and Dick Cheney govern is not merely a preferred system of management but an obsessive strategy meant to conceal a deeply troubling agenda of corporate favoritism and a dramatic growth in unchecked power for the executive branch that put at risk the lives of American citizens, civil liberties, and the Constitution Dean sets out to make his point by drawing attention to several areas about which Bush and Cheney have been tight lipped the revealing by a senior White House official of the identity of an undercover CIA operative whose husband questioned the administration, the health of Cheney, the identity of Cheney s energy task force, the information requested by the bi partisan 9 11 commission, Bush s business dealings early in his career, the creation of a shadow government , wartime prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, and scoresHe theorizes that the truth about these and many other situations, including the decision to go to war in Iraq, will eventually surface and that Bush and Cheney s secrecy is a thus far effective means of keep a lid on a rapidly multiplying set of lies and scandals that far outstrip the misdeeds that led directly to Dean s former employer resigning in disgrace Dean s charges are impassioned andsevere than many of Bush s most persistent critics But those charges are realized only after careful reasoning and steady logic by a man who knows his way around scandal and corruption John Moe Fucking Bush chiney administration This isn t new it was written in Bush s first term but of all of the books written about the last 8 years, this is one of the best Dean was the guy in the Nixon administration who blew their cover he s a lawyer and a man of integrity He doesn t just cover the egregious excesses of this administration but he goes to the underlying issues and motivations and, believe me, it s scary GWB s father was in office when the cold war ended even if he wasn t really responsible for it and now his son is playing from the same Soviet playbook of invading and reshaping the world in his own read neo con vision of the world That lesson has already been learned and it doesn t work How can we hold ourselves up as morally correct when we are doing the same thing as our sworn enemies of less than twenty years ago I can t wait to read his newest book. This book was written by John Dean, who was Nixon s special counselor advisor in the White House He knew about the Watergate cover up and all of the other crap Nixon, Haldeman and Erlichman were doing Things like breaking into psychiatrist s offices and stealing private patient files, rigging the Democratic primaries with slur campaigns, and sabotaging the 1968 Vietnam peace talks Kissinger helped out with that And with all that he saw in the Nixon White House he is making the case for Bush s White House being the worse Well, it s been a few years since it was first published suffice to say it needs some new chapters. Worse Than Watergate The Secret Presidency of George W Bush was an incisive look at the presidency of George W Bush in comparison to the Nixon presidency with an emphasis on Watergate, and written by John Dean, former White House counsel during the Nixon administration, and who ultimately, after telling Nixon therewas a cancer on the presidency,testified before the congressional committee investigating the Watergate scandal opening in May 1973 As an aside, I watched many of those hearings in fascination and along with my toddler son who knew all the players and thought it muchexciting than Sesame Street. While this book was published in 2005, it does a great job in outlining the secrecy and unlawful acts of the Bush Cheney administration, primarily in the deception of Congress and the American people in the lead up to the war in Iraq, Bush s executive order sealing presidential papers indefinitely, the manipulation of the EPA in its failure to address the toxic conditions following the attacks on September 11, 2001, as well as the outing of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame in an effort to silence her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, in his criticism of the administration s deception in their attempt to obtain congressional authorization for their war in IraqI don t give a shit what happens I want you to stonewall itRichard Nixon No one died as a result of Richard Nixon s so called Watergate abuses of power Today, people are dying because of Bush and Cheney s secret abuses of power Dick Cheney who runs his own secret government operations, openly declares that he wants to turn the clock back to the pre Watergate years a time of unaccountable and extraconstitutional imperial presidency To say that their secret presidency is undemocratic is an understatementThe Bush Cheney era, if you can t remember it, just sit down, clear your head of all thoughts then ask yourself how well were you doing financially How happy were you How much stress were you under to make ends meet How many young people died during the Bush Cheney fake war Worse Than Watergate is a must read.