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Correctly priced for its length, this novella exceeded my expectations not crossing but at least nearing the line that divides entertainment fiction from fine literature.It is a M M romance and it involves werewolves, but the author takes a clear suspence horror turn Weres are not lusty lapdogs here they are dangerous and cruel Zach, the human, is not surprised and intrigued, he is terrified and justly so.A big asset of this work is characterization The two leads are two all american boys to whom life has been unkind There has been no impossible tragedy in their life, they were just unlucky or weak enough to incur in some trouble which led them astray Instead of letting this destroy them, they have taken their life back into their hands and found a way out They are struggling but not desperate and the inner strenght they have developed is the key to their coming out of harm s way, the key to their becoming close in a two day time span and the key to their happily ever after They are vulnerable and strong at the same time and willing to trust the other one in the claustrophobic cellar where they are forced to remain for most of the plot.The two villains are not pitch black souls They are evil but have their reasons to behave like they do while they are not likeable they are not supernaturally alien They are just very cynical and very much used to getting their own selfish way in life.A simple, consistent language, eminently colloquial, fits the situation and the development of the story The third person POV belongs to Zach whose past is that needingdetails Flashbacks and present are not graphically marked but they are not too difficult to separate The same simple language conveys efficiently the increasing suspence and the depth of the two characters feelings Sex scenes are explicit and tastefully done.The story could have been longer and the languagepolished but these are just minor remarks Were the quality of all M M romances consistently this high, there would hardly be anything at all to complain about when reviewing. I ve had this in my tbr list for a while, and just kept putting it off I m not sure what finally made me read it today, and I m not sure I m glad about it The little explanation at the end where the author said she d always wanted to write a story about two men chained up in a basement, falling in love with each other while one of them increasingly wants to eat the other s entrails kindof sums up the book The story behind Mal and Zach each getting into the basement and even the development of the attachment between them is sketchy and unrealistic yes, even for a werewolf story it s unrealistic.I felt like I didn t get a solid understanding of why they kept making the decisions they did They often spoke in half sentences, not wanting to give their thoughts away to the other but also keeping them from the reader I did like the two mc s, hence the 2 stars But I felt like I was given so little rationale for their actions and decisions that at the end I just found myself thinking huh view spoiler They escape somehow, after Zach waits around for Mal upstairs all night even though he could leave the virtual stranger who is now a wolf and could burst through the flimsy door at any moment and eat him They sneak away from the house, hiding in bushes and abandoning a stolen car blocks away from Zach s house Then they get to Zach s house and instead of either packing and continuing to sneak their way right out of town, or to grab some weapons and go back and get the big, bad wolves, they stop so Zach can introduce his new wolf boyfriend to his pet alley cat And then it ends Right there No explanations, no reasoning why they had to sneak out, but are now content to just stay right at Zach s house where the wolves they were so afraid of just minutes before might appear at any moment Just standing there petting the cat the author was proud enough of to mention in the silly post confusing novella blurb hide spoiler Free Pdf ♴ Beneath the Neon Moon ⚇ Zach And Mal Have Never Met, But One Summer Night Finds Them In Desperate Trouble Together, Kidnapped And Trapped In Darkness The Moon S Rising High And Full In The Sky When Zach Notices Something S Changing In Mal, Growing Volatile And Wild And No Matter How Quickly The Bond Between Them Grows, Zach S Afraid He Won T Survive The Night This was fantastic Just enough eery creepiness to keep you on edge Great characterswowfor a short read you really get to know them No wasted space if you know what I mean Really, really good. Short, but incredibly well devloped considering the length I really was able to get a good feel for the chracters, and their developing relationship Zack is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, and I look forward to finding outabout the both of them. I m not a fan of the classical type of werewolves, especially not of those who are interested in tearing humans apart And horror isn t my fav genre either I don t like the gory details and certain implied body damage almost permanent with the specifics of it But I did enjoy this story even with all those things that aren t my cup of tea I truly didn t expect any HE And I liked the way both Mal and Zach handled the no win situation I ve read with great interest how the relationship between them developed and how both of them won the fight in the end The ending suggests that this might be a series with few questions still unanswered I hope there will be a sequel Charming short read despite the unrealistic and I don t mean the paranormal aspect nature of it Possible triggers for view spoiler rape hide spoiler this was a well written short story a great premise a little werewolf, a little bit gore, some m m hotnessyup, hoping i can findby this author. Zach lost his drunken father in his early years at the young age of seventeen and although he was never verbally or mentally abused by the man he was very much neglected while his pop went on his endless drunken binges which were frequent leaving Zach to fend for himself Zach raised himself and the details will show you his life was skid row, just making it to even live The story does touch on Zach s growing up with the thoughts back to the time in early years between him and his dad The good, the bad and how he supported himself to pay the rent in order to have a roof over his head That part was appalling Mal goes to college, he s only maybe a year or two younger than Zach, but is paying his own way Out one night with his friends he s attached and bitten by a wolf, of course The two men wake up in a basement together, shackled together with Zach knowing from the hands of his captors that he s going to be Mal s first meal the sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter when he turns and Mal only finding this out on the day he s going to turn which is harsh During those three days and short time they have together they conform a deep seated bond between them I don t usually go into the specifics of a story like I ve just done here, but I found the story somewhat disturbing Zach is chosen to be Mal s meal also known as the initiation into the pack because he s alone in life and nobody is going to miss him or even look for him He s alone, period To me Zach has had a hard enough life in short years without having this happen to him Mal assures Zach that he won t hurt him, but really will he Zach is unsure as he awaits his pending doom Now this is where I m going to be really cunning and refrain from saying anything further than you ll have to read the story yourself to find out how it s all going to end snickering In many aspects this story is saddening, touching and exceptionally well written A mix of emotions that will throttle your mind will assail you From each moment it s unpredictable what will happen next In this short story that is only 82 pages and I would have liked to have readabout both Mal and Zach s backgrounds, getting to know or readof it about them I could still connect with them both in that short of pages time Both characters have character First book I read of Theda s and it won t be the last I definitely would likeand the author of this book drew me into the book which speaks for itself Nicely done. I think the rating is mostly for the atmosphere of the story, rather than what I totally think of the story I mean, the story itself, I will give it three stars Because I still have questions who is the two guys, what is Mal for them, where do they go in the end and the ending is sort of anti climatic While the writing is written in 3rd POV, I feel like this story is mostly seen through Zach s eyes Assessing the situation, slowly understanding the dire situation, who Mal is, why they re kept in the cellar and his fate of being thrown with Mal closer to the change The emotion is kept in check throughout, not too much, but not quickly resolved as well and it makes the whole story compelling for me.Would love to see a sequel though, because again, there are still questions left unaswered