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Like the first two volumes of the series, this book constantly frustrated me because it could have been so much better if the plot had simply been handed over to a better prose stylist There s really not much wrong with the plot itself not in the classics category, for sure, but there are enough complications and twists and turns and opportunities for emotional drama to keep most everyone happy Unfortunately, Flewelling just doesn t have the talent to make the most of that plot There s no grand evocative descriptions of scenery, no trolling of emotional depths.just blunt unimaginative sentences and wasted opportunities And then there s an odd kind of uneasy handling of the relationship between the two main characters, Seregil and Alec This is the first volume in which the two have actually been lovers, so this aspect of their interactions hasn t really been breached until now setting aside some rather chaste longings and one kiss from the previous book On the plus side, the society being depicted has absolutely zero qualms about either gender equality or same sex relationships Same sex couples are depicted as being quite common and of no note whatsoever, including within military units and not only do women frequently hold positions of power in all three of the countries involved in the stories, but also one is just as likely to find a brothel of male whores servicing women as to find a brothel of female whores servicing men, or either gender of whore servicing clients of the same gender On the minus side, however, the author herself seems to be a bit uneasy with actually discussing homosexuality Oddly enough, straight sexual acts in this series are described indetail than gay sex although none are ever described graphically For instance, although sex between Seregil and Alec always fades to black after at most a kiss, occasionally considering all three books up to this point Alec and other characters do have gently glossed over yet on screen sex with members of the opposite gender Also, although there are relatively frequent authorial references to lovers when straight couples are mentioned, Alec and Seregil are almost always referred to by Flewelling as friends with the occasional exception of actual dialogue between characters It leads to an odd sense of cognitive dissonance that Flewelling might believe somewhere down deep in her soul that the relationship is acceptable but also somehow not acceptable at the same time.Anyway, I mostly read this far into the series because I m a completist at heart I hate to leave a story half way through On the other hand, given my frustrations up to this point and the..shall we say.questionable sound of the blurb for volume 4 of the series, I think I ll probably cut my losses and stop here (((FREE PDF))) ↟ Traitor's Moon ☊ Master Spies Seregil And Alec Are No Strangers To Peril Their Assignments, Nightrunning For Wizards And Nobles, Have Led Them Into Many Deadly Situations But Sometimes The Greatest Danger Can Lurk Beneath A Traitor S Moon Wounded Heroes Of A Cataclysmic Battle, Seregil And Alec Have Spent The Past Two Years In Self Imposed Exile, Far From Their Adopted Homeland, Skala, And The Bitter Memories There But As The War Rages On, Their Time Of Peace Is Shattered By A Desperate Summons From Queen Idralain, Asking Them To Aid Her Daughter On A Mission To Aur Nen, The Very Land From Which Seregil Was Exiled In His Youth Here, In This Fabled Realm Of Magic And Honor, He Must At Last Confront The Demons Of His Dark Past, Even As Alec Discovers An Unimagined Heritage And Caught Between Skala S Desperate Need And The Ancient Intrigues Of The Aur Nfaie, They Soon Find Themselves Snared In A Growing Web Of Treachery And Betrayal I have died A THOUSAND DEATHS, this book was the best thing that has ever happened to me This installment felt somewhat transitional to me, coming after the interconnected, myth arcs to the brim feeling of the first two books This feeling makes evensense now that LF has said the fourth and fifth Nightrunner books will be a two parter of the same story, as well This book is absolutely necessary for Seregil, who was in some ways ruined by the events of SD Seregil needs this book to be able to deal with his issues including those pesky ones from his childhood so that he and Alec can return to their lives as they were before the War The reader needs this book, too, I think, after that intense, emotionally draining finale A little less action, a littlepoliticking, methinks.Although it s slow at times, I loved the political turmoil and finally getting to learn about Seregil s past And I don t care what those damn faie said, Alec was strong enough to support himself and Seregil throughout this entire book He s come quite far from the scared kid he used to be. MAN do I love the Nightrunner series.After the emotionally charged events of Stalking Darkness, Seregil and Alec are asked to go with Princess Klia to Aur nen to begin talks to repeal the Edict The Skalan war with Plenimar isn t going so great, and Queen Idrilain desperately needs the aid of the Aur nfaie, whose borders have long been closed to Skala.There are so many things I love about these books, and one of many is the adventure and exploration of it all I really enjoy stories where the characters go to new lands, see new places, discover new sights, and Lynn Flewelling never ever disappoints As readers, we finally get a closer glimpse into Aur nfaie society, as well as a much better picture of what happened in Seregil s youth that brought about his exile from his homeland.As always, there s lots of great character development, too I ll get to Seregil and Alec in a moment, but first, it was interesting to see a bitabout the royal family, who for the most part has been elusive thus far in the series And when I stop and think about it, that s really quite brilliant Most fantasy series that feature a royal family have them front and center, always involved in every plot and subplot of the story But the Nightrunner series isn t about the Skalan royal family it s about Alec and Seregil It s refreshing, and very interesting and I daresay even a bit realistic that the royal family is off center in the story, influencing certain events to be sure, but not taking up the whole story.That being said, of course, the fact that most of them have been so elusive has also piqued my curiosity about them A better glimpse at Phoria and Korathan, as well as a brief mention of AralainI wonder if we ve seen the last of her yet Hopefully not And we get to know Klia much betterthis time as a princess doing her job as a diplomat, instead of just the playful, friendly acquaintance of Seregil.And then there s Beka Cavish It was immensely satisfying to get to know her better, and it brought a satisfying feeling of the cycle of lifeher father Micum stepping back and letting her shine, all on her own view spoiler And of course, Seregil and Alec themselves After two books of building up the relationship between them, it is so immensely satisfying to see them where they are now, confident in their love for each other This is going to sound really sappy, I know, but each one of the scenes where they show tenderness or affection to each other is something I have to read twice, at the very least It is extremely rewarding as a reader, as well as comforting, to know that these two guys who have gone through so much hurt and heartbreak, finally have found their way together, and stand against everything that life throws their way not just as friends, but as partners in every sense of the word And that is SO incredibly awesome to read One of the first scenes seeing Alec and Seregil living happily together in a cabin in the woods, no longer hesitant about their love for each other, was just the pick me up I needed after all the heartbreak and loss in the last book.The events of Traitor s Moon, though fraught with intrigue and mystery it was cool to see such a strong murder mystery angle in a fantasy story , offer a bit of a respite from the fast and furious pace of the previous book There are a lot of bittersweet touches that s the other half of the cycle of life I spoke of earlier Micum is getting older, while Alec and Seregil and Thero remain young Old Runcer has passed away, leaving his grandson in his stead And the scene at the end where Seregil and Alec finally returned to the old innbrought up the memories of Thyris and Cilla and their family again, and made me shake my head in wonder at how Lynn Flewelling really makes you feel for her characters every single one of them.Rh minee plays such a central role in the first two books it is very much a character in and of itself that I wondered how the storyline would fare, this time around, when the city of Rh minee plays a very minor role Sometimes the setting clinches a story for me, and when the characters are taken out of that setting and into a new, completely different one, something just seems missing Not so for the Nightrunner series Wherever Alec and Seregil go, as a reader I m happy to follow hide spoiler Traitor s Moon has quite a different pace from the necromancer mystery Stalking Darkness and with its Aurenfaie sorry, can t find the double dots on my keyboard culture and Skalan politics another plot emphasis It is much slower than the second novel and much less happens in matters of action.Nonetheless I enjoyed the slow, subtle Aurenfaie scheming and the clashing of the two quite different mindsets of the Aurenfaie and the Skalans.While the greater political schemes play out in the background, Seregil s own fate as an exile from his mothercountry uncovers new layers of his personality My heart bled in his scenes, when he struggles between two loyalties, and establishes Seregil even deeper as one of my most beloved fictional characters ever At his side Alec who has grown into an equal partner and pillar in Seregil s search for redemption, while he himself finally discovers parts of his own past.The love of those two men is the centerstone of the Nightrunner series and for me the best depiction of a relationship that I so far read in any SFF story It is seldom in the foreground of the story, never steals away from the plot, but always there, subtle and reassuring and for this alone I could kiss Lynn Flewelling Yet it is not only the two MCs whom I love The diplomatic Commander Klia and the strongheaded Captain Beka also have prominent roles in this book and both women are wonderful examples of how I prefer women to be written in high fantasy.Least but not last the magican Thero, for whom I have a soft spot, is given the chance to shine in this novel He is a real asset to the diplomatic party and I enjoyed the scenes with him especially the one scene .So, as the story perhaps isn t 5 stars especially not when compared to the complexity of The Way of Kings , which I ve read parallel to his novel the characters are Flewelling managed to create a bunch of people whom I deeply care for and want to always come back to. Having essentially wrapped up her major storyline in Stalking Darkness, Flewelling explores Seregil s complicated past and homeland in this third installment of her excellent Nightrunner fantasy series Traitor s Moon is the least satisfying of the three, however, for several reasons First, Flewelling inexplicably eshews the swift action adventure storylines that propelled this series to greatness by instead narrowly focusing on the rather mundane and static political machinations of Seregil s native people Second, she replaces the witty, roguish Seregil we grew to love with one who instead grows tiresome with his emotional neediness and self doubt Alec, saddled with having to constantly care for his lover, is given little to do and his young, adventurous spirit is greatly missed All this said, the Nightrunner series is easily strong enough to survive this temporary step backwards and rumor has it that book 4 is a return to form. im honestly still shook that this was published in russia back in 2000s 4.5 starsThis is the 3rd book in the nightrunner series, which follows sweet young Alec of Kerry and the loveable rogue that is Seregil of Rhiminee as they go on their sword fighting, horse riding adventures It s basically your standard epic fantasy except, like, homosexuality is a thing and not all the women are prostitutes Admittedly my knowledge of epic fantasy is exclusively game of thrones so I m really just speculating.I read the first two books in this series last year and, although I enjoyed them, and certainly did enjoy the second one better, I feel like this is by far the best yet I think this is for a mixture of reasons 1 There s less info dumping we basically know the world now so we there s no big chunks of text telling us the intimate back story of old so and so who was in the war and what not Also, I think Lynn Flewelling had just got to be a much better writer by this point I am confident that this was genuinely a better written book and my love for it is not just as a result of reasons 2 and 3.2 I m just so attached to these characters by this point, I m so excited to read anything about them I don t really care what else happens.3 MY BABIES.So I liked this book I think this series has actually got me into epic fantasy I want to read it ALL I don t even think these books are that well written but I just LOVE THEM I m so happy I have another 4 books I will read them all I don t even care if there s 3 page long descriptions of so and so s bedroom I m invested. Seregil and Alec have left Rhiminee, and are living in the wilds of Skala, as far from civilization as they can get Seregil is still recovering from the emotional trauma he suffered at the end of Darkness, and the only person he wants anything to do with is Alec Alec has finallyor less completed his training, and the two are now equals, and lovers Their idyllic existence is interrupted when Seregil recieves a summons from the Queen of Skala, who asks him to accompany her daughter on a diplomatic mission to his homeland, and act as her advisor and translator for the rest of the party Seregil agrees, reluctantly, and he and Alec break their self imposed exile This one has a much different tone and is a lotcomplicated than it s predecessors It sof a political thriller murder mystery than action adventure This time Lynn delves into Seregil s origins, and why he left his homeland There s a great deal of introspection and angst in this one what can I say, I love a male lead with a mysterious, tortured past We also learn a bit about Alec s shady history, as well, although the main focus is Seregil s struggle to reconcile with himself It s the strongest book of the three, in my opinion, and even of you didn t like the first two, they re worth reading just so you can get to this one I know some poeple didn t like it as well as the others, because it was so different, but I think Lynn made a good decision to go the route she did.