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Monica looked out her bedroom window and wished she could play with the moon, so she asked her father to get the moon for her.Papa gets a v e r y l o n g ladder a double page fold out , and carries it toward a v e r y h i g h mountain.Papa puts the v e r y l o n g ladder on top of the v e r y h i g h mountain a single page fold up , and climbs up and up and up.Finally Papa reaches the moon a double page fold up and fold down and tells the moon that Monica wants to play with him, but he is too big The moon tells Papa that he gets a little smaller every night and when he is small enough, Papa can take him to Monica.Every night the moon gets smaller and smaller, and when he is just the right size, Papa takes him, climbs down the ladder a single page fold down , and takes the moon to Monica.Monica is excited She jumps and dances with the moon she hugs the moon and throws it into the air But the moon keeps getting smaller and smaller until it disappears Then one night, a sliver of moon appears in the night sky Each night, it growsand growsand grows.Young readers will find much to appreciate in this delightful picture book Vibrant colors, fold out pages, and a fun filled narrative all work together to show the waxing and waning of the moon wrapped around a charming story of a father s great love for his child The simple text will encourage beginning readers the touching tale is sure to be read again and again.Highly recommended. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me is about a young girl named Monica who loves the moon She tries to reach the moon but she can quite make it, and so she asks her father to get the moon for her The reading level of this book is kindergarten through 2nd grade Comments observations This book, like many of Carle s other ingenious books, has an interactive element and the pages literally fold out and pop up as the reader goes through the story This book is heartwarming as it shows a fathers love in unconditional This book is also unique because it seamlessly introduces the lunar cycle to young readers The main topic within this book is the lunar cycle Using this book in the classroom After reading this book out loud to the class we would discuss the lunar cycle and I would start by asking the class if anyone knew any of the phases Then I would have students come up to the board and draw what they think each phase looks like, and then draw the actual phase so that they could compare and contrast Carle, E 1986 Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me New York, NY Simon Schuster Books. #FREE BOOK ⚸ Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me õ A Father Will Move Heaven And Earth To Delight His Daughter In This Beloved Tale From Children S Book Legend Eric CarleMonica Wants To Play With The Moon, But She Can T Quite Seem To Reach It This Story Literally Unfolds As The Pages Extend Both Outward And Upward, And Readers Will Empathize With Monica S Longing For The Moon As Well As Be Reassured By Her Father S Willingness To Try To Make Her Dream Come True I like this book because Papa gets the moon for a little child who plays with it and it spoiler alert disappears She says where did the moon go and it s in the sky There s lots of flaps some go in, some go out, some go north, some go south, some even go east. Love the illustrations and the story Sure, it sets impossible standards for myself as a father whose limits are planted firmly within reality And sure, it plays fast and loose with the laws of physics But my two year old loves it, from the angular paintings to the fold out pages, from the daddy and daughter to the moon and stars And isn t that all that really matters sigh Pretty cool book I read it to some preschoolers and their parents They seemed to like it. What kind of message was Eric Carle sending here The Papa in this story is a hopeless push over the way that little girl bosses him around Going for whimsy and fantasy is one thing but this little brat has done nothing to earn the heroic feat that her father performs And then she acts all surprised when the waning moon disappears She looked old enough to have put together the pieces of lunar dynamics on her own.I will say this though the way the pages fold out is extra creative For that Absolutely loved I mean it was great and gave me the feel of wanting to read it every night before I went to bed Eric Carle is a genius in his own right The artwork and the storyline proved to be truly captivating.