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As the podcast host of Brokenhearted, I interviewed Gleb on about this book, and here s what I think this book is my new go to for navigating how I show up in my interpersonal relationships So much discord and heartbreak for that matter can be avoided if we all make the conscious choice to view the world from a different lens The Blindspots Between Us provides a brilliant starting point for doing the necessary inner work to acknowledge and accept what cognitive biases are standing in the way ofharmonious interactions with the important people in our lives. If you want to improve your relationships with others family, friends, coworkers then this book is a good choice If you want a high enlightenment to page ratio, then this book is a good choice If you would prefer to do whatever you feel like at the time and aren t too invested in making relationships work, then you might instead prefer to read about how your feelings are always right The Blindspots Between Us presents several relatable scenarios people may encounter regarding their relationships not just romantic ones and shows how various thinking errors can harm these relationships It also walks through applying a toolbox of techniques for counteracting these thinking errors to help us avoid making decisions we will regret It may be uncomfortable to face our past mistakes, but it s necessary in order to learn to become better If you think friends and family aren t all that important, the book also has examples of how to avoid disaster in relationships with coworkers, employees, customers, and investors Chapter 3 also points out that personal relationships are likely to make you happier than consumerism Be sure to read through the EGRIP method, which outlines how to effectively deal with factual disagreements only once people feel their values are appreciated can they move on to discussing facts Doing the exercises will prepare you to implement these techniques in real life If you ve been experiencing any of the thinking errors described in the book, you should see immediate, noticeable improvement when you use the techniques you ve practiced Full disclosure I used to be on the board of directors for Intentional Insights, a non profit founded by the author and his wife. @READ KINDLE â The Blindspots Between Us Ä When What You Think You Know Gets In The Way This Eye Opening Guide Offers A Clear Path To Forging Stronger, Healthier, And Meaningful RelationshipsWe All Want Positive, Productive, And Genuine Relationships Whether It S With Our Family, Friends, Peers, Coworkers, Or Romantic Partners And Yet, Time And Time Again, We All Seem To Make The Same Thinking Errors That Threaten Or Sabotage These Relationships These Errors Are Called Cognitive Bias, And They Happen When Our Brain Attempts To Simplify Information By Making AssumptionsGrounded In Evidence Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT ,The Blindspots Between Us Reveals The Most Common Hidden Cognitive Biases That Blind Us To The Truth, And Which Lead To The Misunderstandings That Damage Our Relationships With This Guide, You Ll Learn Key Skills To Help You Debias To Stop, Pause, And Objectively Observe Situations Before Jumping To Conclusions About Others Motives You Ll Also Learn To Consider Other People S Points Of View And Past Experiences Before Rushing To Judgment And Potentially Undermining Your RelationshipsBeing A Human Is Hard None Of Us Are Perfect, And We All Have Our Blindspots That Can Get In The Way Of Building The Relationships We Really And Truly Want, Deep Down This Much Needed Book Will Help You Identify Your Own Blindspots, And Move Beyond Them For Better Relationships And A Better World Thank you very much Dr Gleb Tsipursky for publishing such an effective book The Blindspots Between Us which will really help us to protect ourselves and our relationships from mental blindspots By taking a dangerous decision, a person ruins his whole life in a blink of an eye I am a victim of Cognitive Biases I have taken many dangerous decisions in my life which caused me to waste my time and energy I think this is a helpful book for me and will definitely help me a lot to keep me on my track I believe that if a person follows the guidelines from this book properly, He She will never take any dangerous decisions in future.If I got this book in the past, I could have made my decisions much better and would never waste my precious time My parents forced me to give an exam in Marine Academy But I don t want to be a Marine Engineer because I think it s hard for me to join the Marine Academy I gave a written exam and I got a chance to participate in the physical exam Finally in the physical exam, I didn t pass in it I was sure that I can t pass I told my parents several times that I am not capable enough to be a Marine Engineer They didn t even care about my thoughts I was frustrated and depressed for 3 months for taking such a bad decision to follow my parents command I have decided to follow the guidelines from this book to avoid dangerous cognitive biases to be a successful person.I usually face some difficulties in my life I can t control myself when I become very angry then I judge people unwillingly For this reason, I have lost some friends Sometimes I behaved rudely with them From my point of view, The most surprising part of this book is that Before you judge a person, walk a mile in their shoes From now I ll try to focus on others thoughts before I take a decision and I have decided to start meditations by following the guidelines that are included in this book It will help me to be calm and mentally strong and I think I will be able to control my anger It will also help me to avoid mistakes and make better decisions in my life.I think the Social Comparison Bias will be vulnerable for me because I feel much uncomfortable when my mom compares me to my cousins or neighbors This type of competition makes me feelfrustrated and drained I often feel sad and it leads me to tear down After reading this book, I understand that I need to use my energy focusing on what I have, not on what others have In this way, I can avoid the Social Comparison Biases for leading a happy life. I highly recommend this book because it is very eloquent in discussing the topics but understandable even to those who are new leaders and decision makers By reading this book, I was able to understand learn how to train myself to turn off my cognitive bias so I m able to pause, reflect, ponder, and make a better decision to ahealthier relationships for my colleague and love ones.The author has comprehensively explained how to handle the bias that a person will commit based on his or her personality, environment, and among other factors Various strategies on how to avoid the damage it can cause are being discussed By identifying this bias we can develop a checklist and a plan to create the best practices in whatever it may deemed necessary This statement of the author means a lot to me I was once a victim of this bias in my previous job I handle people so I tend to become very arrogant and boastful which turned to be very disastrous on my part and my colleague They started to talk behind my back and it created inharmonious place in our company which lead to my resignation If I just read this book I should acted other way around. Have trouble making decisions or a history of making poor ones The reason probably lies in the fact that you re human and as such you share certain inherited mental blind spots called cognitive biases with the rest of us It s simply the way we re built.But don t despair, as the old saying goes Forewarned is forearmed Knowing that these biases exist and having guaranteed ways to circumvent them will increase the odds that you ll make better decisions.In his latest book The Blindspots Between Us , Dr Tsipursky once again delves into the nature of human thought processes why we think and act the way we do He provides techniques for avoiding those errors that naturally arise from simply being us.Within the pages of this book, you ll find outlined and defined a number of cognitive biases, how they impact our decision making process, how to recognize them in oneself, and qualitative methods to avoid the mistakes they inevitably lead to For each named bias, you ll find a practical exercise aimed specifically at teaching you how to recognize and avoid falling prey to it.Such instruction is useful in the best of times But in these days of multiple existential threats COVID simply being the most recent symptom consistently making the best possible decisions can literally spell the difference between life and death for you and or a loved one.Read, heed, learn and be safe. How many of us have wondered how so many other people in the world are biased while we see everything so clearly The answer Blind spots When it comes to relationships, it s not so much what we don t know, but what we don t know we don t know Dr Gleb Tspirsky lays out in clear, actionable terms why we should relyon reason and less on our gut to relate to other people inconstructive and less adversarial ways This may be the perfect book to help us understand and improve our relationships and relationship battles as we shelter in place and renegotiate our priorities and the ways we engage with the people in our lives There s never been a better time to try to combat our own biases. If you have read Never Trust Your Gut, you will hopefully be well down the path of fixing your thinking The author teaches us how our minds are wired, and why It gives us great insight litterally like a lightbulb going on when we see why we make the choices we make on autopilot and what autopilot is and was made for The book won t give you instant new abilities to rationalize your way through any situation Instead, it will help you to condition you to get through situations using your thinking brain I better understand some of the source of conflict in my home and social circles now I have some work ahead of me, there s no doubt but I think I now have a better picture of what doesn t work and why, in my own interactions and now have the tools to improve this Thank you, Gleb I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Dr Tsipursky to launch such a thoughtful book which helps us to protect ourselves and our relationships from mental blindspots This book meant to achieve all following three goals like where these dangerous judgment errors might be playing a role in our relationships how cognitive biases harmed us in the past, are harming us now, and might harm us in the future and a specific plan to address these mental blindspots We have many unnecessary fights with friends that lead to hurt feelings and friendship breakups due to miscommunications and misunderstandings resulting from gut responses to what our friends shared This book definitely goes in depth into the solution of the problems caused by cognitive biases.This book would have been helpful in the past as I just came to know about so many cognitive biases including Egocentric Bias After completion of my Engineering I served 2.5 years in a multinational organization also achieved the Best Employee Award but suddenly the official environment changed for some of my colleagues because they had started giving credit to themselves for the successful projects blamed me for failure one where I was not involved even If I would get chance to read this book earlier, I might solve the bias using the debiasing strategy of getting an external perspective In this book it s clearly described that many people s tendency to ascribe to themcredit than is actually due for success while blaming others for failures What I read proved surprising and unexpected to know about the Autopilot System, which ispowerful and predominant of the two systems Intentional System which can guide the Autopilot System deliberately to go in a direction that matches our actual goals I came to know we also have hidden blindspots in our minds that often ruin our relationships and other areas of our lives Yet there are no driving instructors to teach us to watch out for these unconscious mental blindspots, what scholars term cognitive biases We have many small stresses that are not life threatening, but the autopilot system treats them as saber tooth tigers, producing an unnecessarily stressful everyday life experience that undermines our mental and physical well being.People are suffering disasters daily because they fall into cognitive biases By reading this book I came to know, Illusory superiority which represents a specific form of the broader cognitive bias known as Egocentric Bias also I came to know so many Debiasing Strategies to overcome cognitive biases This cognitive bias is about our preference to ascribe to ourselvescredit than is actually due for the success of a collaborative project while blaming others for failures Cognitive biases also undermine our society as a whole Some of the worst excesses of polarization and hatred stem from the consequences of failing to watch out for and address these blindspots between us. Relationships in a wider sense from a new angleThis is not the first time when Gleb Tsipursky PHD writes about cognitive biases He is not a novice in this fascinating area, which is a good start However, the real questions are not that What we really need to know about this book are whether it can talk about cognitive biases in a language suitable for an everyday person like me and whether the author can recommend some guidelines to improve our performances in the area of relationships.In order to answer these questions we must clearly see what relationships in plural means in this book It meansthan just personal or romantic relationships It covers working relationships as well, and even touches political relationships sometimes From my personal point of view it is fine I always handled my working connections as professional relationships From others perspective On the one hand, if you wanted to read this book to improve your relationship with loved ones family, partners then you may jump some working parts On the other hand, you can find tips useful for your professional life too if you are interested in that.Regarding language you can see the author as an experienced teacher and writer in work Good examples, no complicated science jargon and a structure easy to follow The only slightlyacademic part is the first chapter Autopilot vs Intentional , but that is probably inevitable to understand the fundamental nature of cognitive biases And even that is handled in a popular science manner, closed with concrete recommendations and exercises No problem here.Regarding recommendations and exercises yes, they are useful and yes, they are applicable but you probably have to be selective I guess that most readers of this book will buy it in order to solve some problems We all have problematic relationships whether work or personal which we would like to improve And we all have limited time for this project, however important it is As the book says we all have many biases due to evolutionary reasons, and these biases are existing because statistically speaking they were are useful in the majority of cases It is impossible to get rid all of them Don t aim the impossible You have to focus on those biases from which you suffer most in your key relationships So choose your enemies wisely, as you cannot fight all of them at once.Nevertheless the book follows the best self improvement, self help traditions, so it can be recommended to those who would like to see a better self when they look into mirror next time.