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Moon Palace is unquestionably classic Auster, and a great starting point, his writing style might not be to everyone s liking but for me he is the most natural of storytellers.This centres on Marco Stanley Fogg another great name and follows him on a journey from a crummy New York apartment to the vast landscapes of the American west and beyond, after becoming intrigued by a story told to him by his old eccentric employer who he cares for There is rarely a dull moment to be had and as storytelling goes this is seriously good Drawing you in right from the start, you never really know where his stories are going or where they are going to end up, that s a gift worth sharing Far accessible than say The New York Trilogy, this is a great place to start for the Auster virgin.Moving, oddly humorous and obscure A totally absorbing novel. What on earth This book was recommended to me by a person whose taste in literature I hold in high regard That s why I was surprised to discover, halfway through the book, that it s a really terrible piece of pretentious writing I felt no empathy with the main character a really spoiled, pretentiously eccentric kid with an Asian fetish trying to revel in the black aethetic of his free fall into poverty He s saved by Kitty Wu, the sexually precocious daughter of Chinese royalty or some such nonsense She falls for the narrator for no other reason than the author apparently wanting her to do so She seduces him with the line Here comes the dragon lady or thereabouts, which made me bristle to say the least Then he dumps her and meets an old dude, and the old dude tells him some stories about the past Then the book ends.This story felt like three stories sloppily sewn together into some terrible Frankenstein s monster Kitty Wu is the most Orientalist character I ve encountered in a book post WW2 I came to think of the narrator asandof an asshole as the story went on.People go nuts over this guy, Paul Auster I just don t get it Maybe this wasn t the right book, but I have a feeling the problem lies deeper, with the author I certainly won t be picking up another of his books anytime soon. Free Epub ☪ Moon Palace ⚔ Marco Stanley Fogg Is An Orphan, A Child Of The Sixties, A Quester Tirelessly Seeking The Key To His Past, The Answers To The Ultimate Riddle Of His Fate As Marco Sets Out On A Journey From The Canyons Of Manhattan To The Deserts Of Utah, He Encounters A Gallery Of Characters And A Series Of Events As Rich And Surprising As Any In Modern FictionBeginning During The Summer That Men First Walked On The Moon, And Moving Backward And Forward In Time To Span Three Generations, Moon Palace Is Propelled By Coincidence And Memory, And Illuminated By Marvelous Flights Of Lyricism And Wit Here Is The Most Entertaining And Moving Novel Yet From An Author Well Known For His Breathtaking Imagination Moon PalaceReading this books was a pleasure 3 I tried reading this in the summer but i was going out all the time and i was working and i was having so much fun SUMMER I NEED YOU, PLZ COME BACK so reading was not in my plans at all I picked it up about a week ago and i must admit that i kind of fell in love with Auster s writing and Auster s story The way he uses the first person narrative is so well done that i started thinking all over again about narration techniques Authors who are genuinly talented and use the first person narrative are a bliss I loved everything that he gave in this one Marco Stanley Fogg This character split me in half Or evenpieces I liked him in the beggining, then disliked him, then liked him again, then disliked him again In the end i would say that i feel sorry for him but also i don t I know i am not making any sense but that s how i feel about him All the characters had depth, all of them seemed real, both with their sins and their virtues The story was interesting, the stories within the story were interesting, all of it was beautifully written and given to us I won t say anyhtingI loved this I want to readof his works. In terms of flow of language, this book was quite good Paul Auster has a way with words The coincidences he appeals to however are way too much view spoiler and in the end everyone dies or is somehow lost for no real purpose in the plot hide spoiler While this book starts well, it soon goes downhill The central character in the beginning is Marco Stanley Fogg He drew my attention What happens to him gives the reader a lot to think about He is an orphan and has no relatives He is totally alone, or so he thinks Until. Well, I am not going to tell you And he is broke When 1969 Where Brooklyn I liked the writing I liked the philosophical thoughts, his thoughts about writing, about travel, about how people interact and our need for connection with other human beings All of this I found interesting Then he meets Kitty I liked her too However, the further you proceed the further the focus shifts from Marco to others and the weaker the story becomes Mostly the book follows an elderly man, Effing He is 84 in 1969 But who is Effing First their stories are woven together, but then the Effing personality takes over His story Well it is crazy, as far as I am concerned His story goes on and on, and on and on It s too long, goes off on all different tangents, none of which were either credible or interesting One example, to be specific, are view spoiler the pages and pages andpages about a book written by Effing s son hide spoiler This book is about writing and observations and hardship This book is my first introduction to Auster After reading this book, I went to the university library to look up obscure writers One of the writers is Giordano Bruno who believed that there was a parallel universe back in medieval times There is the theme of journey, travel and exploration into other worlds The narrator has a name inspired by Phileas Fogg, the fictional character in Jules Verns Around the World in Eighty Days The Moon Landing represents a journey into another world Moon Palace is a Chinese restaurant.One of the most interesting tasks is for the narrator to describe the world to the Blind man This is a metaphor for the task of writing We the reader is blind to the world that is being created by the author We are guided into his alternative world of fiction, the everyday strangeness of the world, not a world created by science fiction It is in the ordinary that can be rendered extraordinary. I loved it I loved reading this book, but I wish I hadn t read it so fast I read it because of someone, and I can t thank him enough I put myself in M.S s shoes, and I cried, I laughed, I dreamt Paul has a poetic use of language, that s sure. It s 1969, Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon A new form of exploration was born.On earth, Marco Stanley Fogg follows the event, strange fate for the one who bears two names of famous explorers Marco lost his mother at an early age, his uncle Victor took care of the child until his teens and sent him to New York to continue his studies.Marco is the wait and see type, he is convinced that everything comes to those who know how to wait Installed in a squalid room among the boxes of books that his uncle offered him, with only the view of the moon palace an Asian restaurant.A course of resource that Marco finds himself on the street, living from his finds in the trash cans of central park.When I open a Paul Auster novel I never know what I m going to find, what I m going to experience With moon palace it is no exception to the rule Paul Auster is a magician of words, he pulls out of his hat unlikely stories and me young reader of his work I ask again, always waiting for an inner quest, an initiation journey That s the magic of Paul Auster, we leave Marco Stanley Fogg moribund in central park, we find him pushing the wagon of Mr Effing a stingy old man, handing out 50 bills, and then rolling with Sol Barber, the man in the hat towards Utah Moon Palace an invitation to travel with the benevolent eye of the moon.A very beautiful novel, then. This is a book about gettin nekkid.I discovered Paul Auster through the 1001 books list and then went on a big PA binge I suppose I should have beenrestrained because very soon all the PA plots and machinations and convoluted po mo madness was churning in my brain I d given myself PAP Yes, that well know literary syndrome, Paul Auster Poisoning This was my third consecutive read and I believe it can be directly attributed to the onset of a severe case of PAP But I did enjoy this book therefore equating PAP to eating too much cotton candy but still feeling compelled to go on eatingdespite what various parts of your body are telling you Moon Palace is weighty with symbolism and duality and as usual there is a synchronisty between a lot of his stories But so are many of his books Hence the PAP.Protagonists Fogg , Effing and Barber all try at some point to reduce their lives to the most distilled essence possible A bit like putting yourself through a life juicer in order to be left with only the purest extract Fogg does this by relinquishing all of his possessions and becoming homeless, Effing by renouncing his past and creating a new one for himself and then later by distributing his wealth and Barber does a similar thing by relinquishing his home Maybe its a form of unburdening as well as reduction.All of the people in this book were seeking something and in each of their stories they seem to believe that by peeling off all the outer trappings of possession and wealth will they expose the core of themselves to world They will be naked See, I told you this was a book about being nekkid Apologies if you were expecting atitilating variety of nekkidity Ultimately making themselves as vulnerable as possible leads to their undoing either physically or emotionally All in all a very satisfying novel, but let this be a warning to you all Paul Auster should only be taken in small doses and be sure to let one plot settle before you gorge yourself on another.