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Er noe spesielt med eventyrene til jules as Bare det at den ble skrevet s lenge f r en faktisk m neferd er jo uttrolig There s a reason From the Earth to the Moon isn t listed among Jules Verne s most popular works It s terrible It s not that the science and technical aspects are laughable that s not unexpected given the book was written a century before the NASA program put a man on the moon , but that the story itself is dumb.Basically, the plot involves shooting a 9 foot hollow aluminum bullet from a cannon so that it escapes the Earth s gravitational pull and ultimately collides with the moon The bullet is hollow and carries a passenger along with a rifle in case he needs to defend himself from moon men and some seeds so he can grow some crops on the moon when he arrives One might forgive Verne his naivet , but these ideas would have been considered absurd even in 1865 The worst part, however, is that the bulk of the book is a bore, consisting of an endless discussion of the technical aspects of this ridiculous plan The materials, the propellant, the location from which the gun must be fired, the angle, and financing are all covered in minute and unnecessary detail leaving the actual firing of the gun to the final chapters And even though the book has been building to this supposed climax the conclusion is also just another disappointment. Frustrated with peacetime decommissioning, the member of the American Gun Club search for a means that will allow them to fulfil their passion in developing cannons It is then that president Barbicane proposes a new goal A goal that will test the mettle and abilities of every member of the Gun Club and will carve their names in history They re going to shoot the moon.What if the NRA was in charge of the space program This book has been on my list for a while, but I kept putting off on the assumption that Science Marches On I had believed that reading a book written hundreds of years ago would be jarring when compared to what has been discovered since, but once again I find myself underestimating how good a writer Jules Verne actually was There are a few points that have been disproven since his time, but nothing breaking.From the Earth to the Moon and it s sequel Round the Moon were riveting I was amazed and captivated the whole way through Jules Verne was the original Steampunk storyteller, his stories show a glimpse of worlds that might have been He went to great efforts to make his stories informative, but above all entertaining I would love to see a retelling of this story done from what we know now.An excellent tale that has stood the test of time. I first read these two novels when I was in high school sometime during the Paleozoic Era At that time, I rather liked them Now, I found myself being bored by the two Americans and the Frenchman who were shot at the moon from a giant cannon in Florida If I were in that projectile, I probably would have strangled Impey Barbicane and Captain Nichols for being such arrant pedants Imagine Going to the moon without considering how they were going to get back to Earth Since my boyhood, we have actually visited the moon and and returned to tell the tale The reality I find ever so muchinteresting than the scientific speculations of 150 years ago which unrolled endlessly from chapter to chapter. Jules Verne s From the Earth to the Moon was published in 1865 and gave us a cliffhanger ending The sequel, Around the Moon wasn t published until 1870 In 2010, I read Walter James Miller s fine annotated translation of the first book I bought this edition so I could finally read the sequel seven years later.My rating is largely a reflection of this edition s use of the poor 1877 translation by Louis Mercier and Eleanor E King which makes Verne s writing feel like something of a slog Even so, Verne s enthusiasm for an imaginary journey around the moon comes through I found it helped to read the book with a lunar map on my computer so I could follow along as Barbicane, Nicholls and Michel Ardan flew over the moon Verne also continues his uncanny predictions of what a lunar flight would be like by having the crew ultimately splash down in the ocean though it san accident than on purpose I m glad to finally know how the story of Verne s astronauts concluded, but I ve also learned that translations really matter and hope to read a better translation in the future. To successfully complete his journey to the moon this traveler reader had to 1 Suspend most of his disbelief 2 Arm himself with a good deal of nostalgic affection for Verne s novels he had read as a child 3 Resign himself to flat and stereotyped characters, long and repetitious technical explanations most of them wrong and dramatic events very pale in comparison to present day science fiction.What he had experienced on the way 1 Admiration for this work of extensive research and speculative imagination done almost 150 years ago 2 Appreciation for Vern s abilities as a pulp fiction writer 3 Surprise at having learnt some basic facts about the moon and space travel hitherto unknown to him or forgotten erroneous tales being a great source of learning at retrospect What he recommends to others wishing to take the same journey 1 Read the introduction, it will help you put the work in perspective 2 Use the iPhone application Moon Globe or any other moon mapping picturing app out there , as recommended by R G A Dolby in his introduction, to enliven with contemporary tools the projectile s journey round the moon. You can read my review here Like many, I read this as a kid when I knew little Now it is a quarter century after I left the weapons business, which included some time working guided artillery projectiles, so I have a much different perspective I enjoyed this both times through, but for different reasons.The satire of the weapons business in the first few chapters was wickedly funny But, that does not last long The science, technology, and geography were often ridiculous, but one can grant a certain amount of suspended belief for the sake of a story The parts about the actual journey got to be rather boring, with its descriptions of the selenography going on and on The ending made up for it with two major whoppers I found hilarious.Those interested in the subject of shooting a projectile into space with a supergun might look up Gerald Bull, a competent artillery designer who put considerable work into attempting this. There are SPOILERS in this review mostly minor, therefore I ve not hidden it.4 starsAnother very good pair of books from Jules Verne I would treat them as a single book I don t know how Verne s readers put up with 7 years between the two with the first having such a non ending As expected the science in this book does not hold up, but what do you expect the first book was written 150 years ago In fact what is amazing is how close to being right so much of it was and how ambitious a topic this was for its day it was another 30 years before the Wright brothers made their first aeroplane flight never mind space flight However what really struck me wasn t the accuracy or otherwise of the science but rather how astute were his predictions of the social reaction to this grand experiment.There are a lot of examples of how accurately he predicted the social reactions Verne chooses the Americans as the most likely to make the attempt to get to the moon The cold war hadn t happened yet making this a reasonable and pretty straightforward prediction Europeans and British not being daring enough at this time maybe He presented the whole enterprise as having global support but consciously stressed it as a platform for American pride not too far off the mark compared to the American Apollo program Verne s project requires private funding which they achieve by a global appeal for subscription This raised 5.5 million Is this so far fetched I don t think so At the end of the 50s there was a global appeal launched to raise the temple of Abu Simbel above the rising waters of Lake Nasser due to the construction of the Aswan Dam This appeal raised 20 million and the Egyptian Government put up another 20 million So, I would say a pretty reasonable prediction.After the announcement of the project, the world or at least America is seized with moon maniain short, all America was seized with selenomania, or had become moon madThis is not so far different to what happened following JFK s famous speech I was only four years old at the time but by the moon landing of 1969 I was 12 and, along with a probably very high proportion of the youth of the world, I had posters of the solar system up on my bedroom wall and followed all the Apollo news avidly And at the landing itself the world was certainly watching.On their return the whole world is gripped by the rescue of these brave travellers from the Pacific Ocean This is not so far different to the whole world being gripped by the drama of Apollo 13, or,recently, the trapped miners in Chile Despite the fact that people are dying in accidents all across the globe every day, incidents of this nature seem to grab and hold the attention of the entire globe.After their rescue the travellers embarked on a literal whistle stop tour of the major cities of the USA After Apollo 11 Nixon gave permission for the astronauts to use the Presidential aircraft for a tour of the major cities of the World.So all in all a pretty close match to reality.The book had its flaws and hence its 4 rather than 5 star rating from me As usual Verne s dialogue is pretty dire, and I can t just put that down the time when it was written Dickens was writing only a little bit before Verne and there s nothing wrong with his dialogue Then, even with the knowledge of science at the time of writing, Verne made numerous mostly small errors For example he gives the reason for their launch speed being higher than expected asBecause, in throwing off the water enclosed between its partition breaks, the projectile found itself lightened of a considerable weightHowever the projectile and water would all have been expelled from the gun simultaneously, if separately, so the removal of the water would only have an impact after the projectile had left the gun, when indeed it would have been lighter But this would not have changed either its speed or its trajectory Without a force being applied, weight has no bearing upon trajectory I cannot believe this was not known by the scientists and artillery men of the day There were a number of others For example in Verne s account the moon has some small remnants of atmosphere remaining but it is all in the valleys and low ground of the far side And yet at the South Pole they see snow on the peaks of the mountains How on Earth Moon could it have got there Still a great Victorian adventure This is the stuff of a Victorian Buck Rogers and it should be read by anyone with an interest in Science Fiction. `Download Pdf ↞ De la Terre à la Lune / Autour de La Lune ↙ This Darkness Showed That The Projectile Has Passed The Atmospheric Strata, For The Diffused Light Spread In The Air Would Have Been Reflected On The Metal Walls, Which Reflection Was Wanting This Light Would Have Lit The Window, And The Window Was Dark Doubt Was No Longer Possible The Travelers Had Left The Earth I Have Lost, Said Nicholl I Congratulate You, Replied Ardan Here Are The Nine Thousand Dollars, Said The Captain, Drawing A Roll Of Paper Dollars From His Pocket Will You Have A Receipt For It Asked Barbicane, Taking The Sum If You Do Not Mind, Answered Nicholl It Is Business Like This Is The Legendary Novel Of Technological Speculation And Social Satire That Launched An Entire Genre Of Adventure Fiction Verne S From The Earth To The Moon And Round The Moon Is The First Story Of Space Exploration And Remains A Beloved Work Of Daring Exploits And Surprisingly Accurate Scientific Conjecture When The Members Of The Balti Gun Club Bored Civil War Veterans Decide To Fill Their Time By Embarking On A Project To Shoot Themselves To The Moon, The Race Is On To Raise Money, Overcome Engineering Challenges, And Convince Detractors That They Re Anything But Lunatics With This Work, Verne Inspired The First Science Fiction Film,S Le Voyage Dans La Lune, And Accurately Predicted That That Ideal Location For A Spacebase Is In Florida First Published In France In , This ReplicaEdition Includes The Sequel,S Round The Moon Also Available From Cosimo Classics Verne S Five Weeks In A Balloon OF INTEREST TO Science Fiction Fans, Readers Of Th Century Literature French Author JULES GABRIEL VERNE Is Considered The Father Of Modern Science Fiction Among His Many Groundbreaking Books Are Journey To The Center Of The Earth, , Leagues Under The Sea, And Around The World In Eighty Days