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Emily My dearest Emily my childhood friend and childhood idol, my inspiration and my consolation There are books so special, read in such a tender age, that they become part of you I wouldn t be the person that I am today if it wasn t for Emily Byrd Starr It had always seemed to Emily, ever since she could remember, that she was very, very near to a world of wonderful beauty Between it and herself hung only a thin curtain she could never draw the curtain aside but sometimes, just for a moment, a wind fluttered it and then it was as if she caught a glimpse of the enchanting realm beyond only a glimpse and heard a note of unearthly music. Emily is a dreamer A hopeful artist, poetry writer, and a whimsical little creature with pointed ears and almost violet eyes She is touched with a child s honesty and a strong sense of righteousness She is constantly making up beautiful scenes in her mind, and she cannot write them down fast enough But even though her pen is in constant motion, her mouth is hardly ever moved She is quiet Not necessarily because she is shy, but because she is cautious of her words she doesn t spill them randomly She values them.Emily s life is bittersweet While she is able to perceive all the glistening beauty in the world, she is touched by sorrow, her father s death and the stern eyes and expectations of her aunts She is constantly misunderstood by everyone even herself But still, she lives She hopes, dreams, laughs and she lives She is able to observe and appreciate the little wonders in life, which people so easily overlook She is someone to admire and someone to aspire to She will love deeply, she will suffer terribly, she will have glorious moments to compensate. Even now, this story pulls at my heartstrings Emily still wins my heart, over and over again As I started to reread this cherished book this morning, I thought I would just read a chapter or two, but I couldn t put the book down I am completely under Emily s spell, and yet again I find myself wondering how my childhood would have been without her Would it be there at all In many ways, this book ressembles Anne of Green Gables a lot It speaks of a young girl who admires the world s beauty while growing up amongst family and friends However, Emily of New Moon touched me a lotThere was something about Emily and her personality that appealed to me a lot The same goes for her struggles which, in my opinion, were really cruel and harsh and made me care for her evenI also really liked the fact that Emily actually grows up in this book and goes out a little bit in the world something that I missed in Anne of Green Gables All of this made sure that I was never bored, and I gradually grew to care a lot about poor and sweet Emily Emily is an aspiring writer poetess, and this novel does contain long passages of diary entries which I had to get used to Nevertheless, I grew to appreciate even those because they added very much to her story and her growing up All in all, a really endearing and honest story that I m keen on continuing very soon with the next novel in the series. FREE PDF ☩ Emily of New Moon ⚇ Emily Starr Never Knew What It Was To Be Lonely Until Her Beloved Father Died Now Emily S An Orphan, And Her Mother S Snobbish Relatives Are Taking Her To Live With Them At New Moon Farm She S Sure She Won T Be Happy Emily Deals With Stiff, Stern Aunt Elizabeth And Her Malicious Classmates By Holding Her Head High And Using Her Quick Wit Things Begin To Change When She Makes Friends With Teddy, Who Does Marvelous Drawings With Perry, Who S Sailed All Over The World With His Father Yet Has Never Been To School And Above All, With Ilse, A Tomboy With A Blazing Temper Amazingly, Emily Finds New Moon Beautiful And Fascinating With New Friends And Adventures, Emily Might Someday Think Of Herself As Emily Of New Moon Oh how I wish this was written in our time because this would be so, so gay Emily and Ilse belong together and we all know Nancy and Caroline are a thing What a heckin shame Also, CATS.That s it That s the review. With this review, we re revisiting another one of my old favourite, my comfort reads, the books I can still pick up and read with a great deal of pleasure, almost as much as when I was curled up in my bed as a girl, discovering this world for the first time Which is all to say that this review is naturally heavily coloured by all of who I was and who I am now, and how this book has fit into my personal mythology for many, many years.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Before Maud s Betsy Tacy series had its Emily, bless our souls, Lucy Maud had hers And I say bless our souls in the most literal sense, because time spent with either Emily can feed an inner flame reduced to the faintest flicker by heartbreak, doubt and despair But please Emily Byrd Starr is no shrinking violet Here we have a fierce, free spirited young iconoclast who, eventhan Anne with an e , has a thing or two to teach any adult with enough sense and imagination to listen. Eventhan L.M Montgomery s Anne of Green Gables series, her Emily of New Moon trilogy Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs and Emily s Quest have always been absolutely and utterly personal favourites, mostly because while I have definitely and certainly enjoyed reading about Anne Shirley, her bubbly extrovertedness is not and can never be even remotely as close to me and to my own rather internal and quiet personality as equally imaginative and dreamy but also considerablyintroverted Emily Byrd Starr For indeed, Emily is absolutely and totally I, and a character, a persona to whom I can therefore relate much better and with considerablyease than to either Anne Shirley and yes also to Emily s main sidekick and best friend Ilse Burnley who most certainly is an enjoyable and interestingly depicted character but who is also much too external and often considerably too all over the place, even bordering on the extreme for my personal tastes Now aside from my emotional kinship and attachment to young Emily, I guess what has always made the Emily novels so special, so encouraging and uplifting and all of them, but my favourite is most definitely this here first novel, is Emily of New Moon is that even with tragedies, sadness and emotional neglect being often rather painfully described by L.M Montgomery and in a manner so detailed and laden with pathos that she obviously seems to be writing from her own personal experience how Emily is always able to keep engaging in her passion and need for writing albeit that especially her Aunt Elizabeth staunchly and rather unbendingly at first disapproves and of course primarily and delightfully with Cousin Jimmy s help, who is probably one of my most favourite male L.M Montgomery s male characters, period, richly and with exquisite and loving detail depicted, possessing a total and sweetly pure heart of gold and who is in fact alsothan willing to unconditionally forgive Aunt Elizabeth for having pushed him into the New Moon well when they were children, even though this has had a lasting both physically and mentally painful effect on him And most definitely, I have certainly always much preferred Cousin Jimmy as a character to say Aunt Laura, who while sweet tempered and always sympathetic to Emily, is actually a rather pale and paper thin character with not much if any backbone and fight so to speak and if truth be told, I do even rather prefer Aunt Elizabeth as a character to Aunt Laura, for while there is not really anything to Aunt Laura, Aunt Elizabeth always does appear as a real flesh and blood individual, as a character who might indeed be hard, severe and not always very sympathetic and empathetic towards her niece, towards Emily, but who still is a muchrichly nuanced character than Laura who mostly just appears as a one dimensional leaf in my humble opinion And yes indeed, I do very much love love love how slowly but surely throughout the course of Emily of New Moon, both Emily and Aunt Elizabeth start to increasingly understand and appreciate one another until by the end of the novel, the latter considers her niece no longer merely an inconvenient duty and burden, no longer just the unloved and loathsome offspring of Juliet Murray s and Douglas Starr s unapproved of elopement and marriage, but a beloved and increasingly appreciated child so eloquently and warmly depicted at the end of Emily of New Moon during Elizabeth s vigil at Emily s bedside when Emily is seriously and frighteningly ill with the measles, and where Elizabeth finally does admit to her sister Laura just how much she loves her niece and how much Emily actually has come to mean to her.And now finally but for and to me very much importantly , I do have to admit that I have aways had a somewhat difficult time accepting those dissenting voices that seem to imply that the character of Dean Priest is somehow and supposedly a pedophile although I do respect those that find him creepy, as what my reading tastes and viewpoints are, are of course not necessarily those of other readers However and the above having been said, I personally do still NOT in any manner consider Dean Priest a potential pedophile never have and never will , since his interest in Emily is and in the first novel, in Emily of New Moon especially entirely spiritual in nature, that he is not at all interested in Emily in a sexual and physical manner whatsoever, but in my opinion simply recognises and appreciates a kindred soul as yes, Emily herself also does with him And truthfully, aside from Cousin Jimmy and main protagonist Emily Byrd Starr, Dean Priest is probably one of my favourite characters in Montgomery s Emily of New Moon series, well, at least until the third novel, until Emily s Quest, where Dean becomesandjealous of Emily s writing and actually causes coerces her to destroy, to burn her manuscript and then to be so devastated by this that she falls down the stairs and seriously injures herself Now I hope that those readers who do tend to consider Dean Priest as a problematic individual and perhaps even as somewhat pedophilic will NOT now equally consider me thus, but be that as it may, I have indeed always adored Dean Priest at least in the first two Emily novels, in both Emily of New Moon and Emily Climbs and yes, until Dean s jealousy and almost stalker like clinginess in Emily s Quest, I for one had also kind of wanted Dean and Emily to become a couple as I just do not all that much like Teddy Kent as Emily s love interest finding him a nicely enough conceptualised character but with not all that much which I personally would find either stimulating or engaging, and the same holds true for Perry Miller I might add, whom I do findinteresting than Teddy Kent but still not really of much narrative substance. Emily of New Moonhas a much darker quality than the Anne of Green Gables series and Emily as a character is not nearly as likable or sweet as Anne But she seems real Although LMM tends to stylize idealize her heroines a little, you can sense the three dimensional quality of Emily s personality from the first chapter Anne is 3D too, of course, but Anne s character tends to emerge little by little, whereas Emily dominates her story right from the start And there s plenty of attention to Emily s worst qualities pride and a nasty temper being the main two As beloved as Anne is, Emily hasinteresting possibilities When I read these books as a child, I identified less with Emily, but found her fascinating all the same And rereading as an adult, I maware of the way LMM is playing with twists on the expected in these books The plot follows basically the same arc as Anne of Green Gables, with orphaned Emily coming to live in a farmhouse on Price Edward Island but whereas in Anne you get comic scenes like Diana and the cordial, or apologizing to Mrs Rachel Lynde in Emily you get adultery, hatred, gossip, and several extremely creepy, possibly psychotic characters Teddy s mother is horrible, and Dean Priest a little weird I notice the dark tone so muchrereading now than I did fifteen years ago Bottom line One of LMM scomplex and interesting stories and heroines, if not as heartwarming and lovely as the Anne series. Re reading for our discussion on Friday, May 27th fans, I INSIST that you try Emily at some point image error Emily of New Moon is right up there with Anne of Green Gables Emily Byrd Starr is another timeless and unforgettable character from the mind of L.M Montgomery.She sserious and complex than Anne but just as stubborn and just as lovable Written for teens and young adults, but anyone can enjoy this wonderful classic.