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Not one of her best, but reading a Wharton novel has never been a waste of time for me I love her way with words and the world of the idle rich a world that feckless couple Nick and Susy Lansing hang on to by their fingernails is well realised Beautiful evocative descriptions of some of my favourite places in Europe, Como, Venice, ParisI did have to re calibrate my imagination part way through as this book is set in the 1920s.I had problems with two things.This is a romance based on The Big or in this case Almost Endless Misunderstanding I m pretty much over this trope, even in the hands of a literary genius.The other is the character although that seems too strong a word of Nick Nick seems happy to be a human sponge, yet cavils at the way Susy manages Apparently the whole of High Society should be glad to support the two of them for the pleasure of their company As ridiculous as Nick s views are, they are sincere When he view spoiler leaves Susy hide spoiler It s only a paper moonHanging over a cardboard sea,But it wouldn t be make believeIf you believed in me.It s a Barnum and Bailey worldJust as phony as it can beBut it wouldn t be make believeIf you believed in me Say you don t need no diamond ringsAnd I ll be satisfied,Tell me that you want the kind of thingsThat money just can t buy.I don t care too much for money, money can t buy me love. This is the story of Suzy and Nick Lansing, two newly weds who hang with the rich and famous, but have no money of their own Their attempts to live in this world of pseudo friendship and obligation takes its toll on them and their marriage, and the line that separates morality from indebtedness wears them thin.I spent much of this novel thinking of Scarlett and Rhett, when they are both thinking they would like to make it up to one another but neither is willing to make the first move I anguished over the pride and misunderstanding that seems to push these characters apart at every turn, and the influences of the so called friends who are too shallow or self interested to consider what they might be doing to a marriage of love She felt as though she were on the point of losing some new found treasure, a treasure precious only to herself, but beside which all he offered her was nothing, the triumph of her wounded pride nothing, the security of her future nothing.And, what we see here, among the fakes and pretenders, is real love The kind a smart person would perish for a meeting of the souls and the minds It was odd once upon a time she had known exactly what to say to the man of the moment, whoever he was, and whatever kind of talk he requiredBut since then she had spoken the language of real love, looked with its eyes, embraced with its hands and now the other trumpery art had failed her, and she was conscious of bungling and groping like a beginner I adored this lesser known but brilliant story by one of my favorite authors, Edith Wharton Wharton is always able to cut to the essence of what ails the monied society, but she also knows what it is to be on the fringe of it and to want desperately to be included All that glitters is not gold, but when you are standing at a certain distance, it might seem to be This is a short book,a novelette than a novel, so there is no excuse Read It The Glimpses of the Moon has been compared to Wharton s great classic, The House of Mirth, and it s protagonist Susy Lansing to the tragic Lily Bart, and while similarities do exist, Glimpses falls short of House of Mirth The Glimpses of the Moon was published in 1922, 17 years after The House of Mirth, and one year after The Age of Innocence, so Wharton was at the peak of her writing ability, but Glimpses falls just short of the greatness of the aforementioned novels It s still good, worth reading, and very much Edith Wharton, so I give it 3.5 stars. 7.5 10 I begin my re reading of Wharton mid way through her career with this novel While it provided a pleasant dalliance with post WWI society, it shows a few signs of moral tiredness, as if Wharton couldn t quite get up steam on this one.Both Nick Lansing and Susy Branch, the main players, arethan a little world weary, and it shows in their actions deciding too swiftly on marriage and evenswiftly, almost whimsically, on divorce Why they are married is a mystery, as it hardly begins as one of the great romances why they decide to divorce is equally a mystery, given the tangential evidence of moral failure Nick isthan a bit of an ass, and he rides his horse s ass very high, giving Susy barely a chance to explain her actions They drift apart, and back into their meaningless existences, playing on the edges of a society for which they both have contempt, but which they need to survive It s a very Gatsby esque setting and sentiment if it were the work of the same writer, one could almost call this a draft copy for Gatsby There is a disturbing prescience in the appearance of young Clarissa, an 8 year old daughter of one of the society women, who announces she much prefers jewellery to books, when offered a choice It immediately brought Daisy Buchanan to mind a perfect portrait of how the Clarissas of the world grow up to be the Daisys, setting their eyes vacuously on bright flashy things Wharton pulls the story along at a good pace with her skillful prose, but it lacked a bit of heart, somewhere in the centre An enjoyable, entertaining read nonetheless. Published in 1922, this was Wharton s last completed novel It is also my fifth Wharton I ve previously read The Age of Innocence, The House of Mirth, The Custom of the Country and Summer.There is something about Wharton that pierces me to my very soul Glimpses of the Moon was no exception to that effect No one wrote arid wealth and the oppressive customs of society better than Wharton she explores the impact of narrow convention on characters at the same time that she ignored those conventions in her real life.In some ways, this is the culmination of the stories that she has been telling her readers Nick and Susy Lansing, young, beautiful and impoverished, marry against all good sense, with every intention of abandoning each other when someone new offers them a life of ease and fortune We see each of them, for the first time, take on jobs as a gesture in the direction of self sufficiency If Lily Bart had been as intrepid as Susy Lansing, she might have had a happy ending What a difference a couple of decades can make.I read that Glimpses influenced Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby, and I can understand the connection between these two books, but I am personally no fan of Fitzgerald s brittle characterizations Not widely considered one of Wharton s finest efforts, I enjoyed it immensely And someone needs to adapt this for the small screen yesterday It would be beyond gorgeous. This is a romance set among the wealthy residing in Europe Two Americans without money but desiring the life of the rich make a deal they will get married and live off the wedding gifts for a year They are given gifts and money and dozens of invitations to come and spend their honeymoon abroad, with their wealthy friends, just as planned Food and housing and parties and dinners out, all on someone else s money It was agreed that when better marriage opportunities arose for either, each would be free to go the marriage would be dissolved without acrimony That is the agreement All goes according to plan, at least in the beginning.I thought I knew how it would end, but there seemed to me to be an error in my reasoning Usually, Wharton s books do not have happy endings How will this be resolved I had to read to find out.The writing is excellent, as the writing in Wharton s books usually is One marvels at her ability to draw situations, express emotions and capture people s behavior She had a remarkable talent with words she knew exactly which word to use when and where She expertly draws the views of the wealthy and those of high social standing She adeptly draws the fallacies of such thinking and mode of life She also throws in humor.The book ends up view spoiler cute hide spoiler Nineteenth century first world problems &DOWNLOAD KINDLE ☜ The Glimpses of the Moon ⇥ Set In The S, Glimpses Of The Moon Details The Romantic Misadventures Of Nick Lansing And Susy Branch, A Couple With The Right Connections But Not Much In The Way Of Funds They Devise A Shrewd Bargain They Ll Marry And Spend A Year Or So Sponging Off Their Wealthy Friends, Honeymooning In Their Mansions And Villas As Susy Explains, We Should Really, In A Way, Help Than Hamper Each Other We Both Know The Ropes So Well What One Of Us Didn T See The Other Might In The Way Of Opportunities, I Mean The Other Part Of The Plan States That If Either One Of Them Meets Someone Who Can Advance Them Socially, They Re Free To Dissolve The Marriage How Their Plan Unfolds Is A Comedy Of Errors That Will Charm All Fans Of Wharton S Work This was a very interesting, highly introspective read set in the glittering world of the 1920 s in Europe, with people so far removed from our own reality in thoughts and manners as would make it impossible to relate to anything, were it not for its universal themes coupled with Wharton s astute study of character and perception of the human mind When two young penniless elite Americans decide to join forces and get married in order to better encroach on their rich friends, theirs is a union supposedly based purely on practical reasons a contract that would unite them for the time being with the mutual agreement to release the other should a better opportunity arise for either of them Course, that s complete bullshit as both fail to realize how their budding attraction blossoming into love under moonlit scenes will bind themstrongly than all the money they could ever possess, all the fineries they could ever flaunt, all the luxury they could ever have Both hail from the same background, but a fundamental difference exists between Nick and Susy, one they both obliviously gloss over until it s too late Nick, poor as he is, would never stoop so low as to accept invitations from friends in exchange for favours Susy, on the other hand, doesn t always show such scruples The Glimpses of the Moon is a beautifully descriptive, highly entertaining if highly predictable journey into a newlywed s honeymoon and its subsequent rude awakening to reality Filled with exquisite villas, sparkling jewelry, fur coats, and ladies with lovely names such as Ellie Vanderlyn and Violet Melrose, this novel was a fascinating portrait of married life and finding the true meaning of love.My only personal drawback was that I didn t become particularly attached to any of the characters an absolute must for rating a book five stars and making it earn a place on my favourites shelf They were all interesting for what they represented, but failed to draw me in and actively make me feel for them I like it when book characters become my friends, which wasn t the case here Nevertheless, a wonderful little book by the inimitable Wharton, which I enjoyed much better than the last one I read I m so glad I read this book It s not House of Mirth, the reviews kept saying Well, neither is Anna Karenina War and Peace, I answered, and kept on reading.A marriage of two penniless socialites begins with a business bargain and ends Or does it