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EBOOK à Goodnight Moon ¹ In A Great Green Room, Tucked Away In Bed, Is A Little Bunny Goodnight Room, Goodnight Moon And To All The Familiar Things In The Softly Lit Room To The Picture Of The Three Little Bears Sitting On Chairs, To The Clocks And His Socks, To The Mittens And The Kittens, To Everything One By One The Little Bunny Says GoodnightIn This Classic Of Children S Literature, Beloved By Generations Of Readers And Listeners, The Quiet Poetry Of The Words And The Gentle, Lulling Illustrations Combine To Make A Perfect Book For The End Of The Day What is about this book that haunts me Is it the deep sense of emptiness That the room stays the same, but objects move and light slowly fades into dark That the narrator has no connection at all with the only other human, the old lady whispering hush Or is that that the narrator says goodnight to nobody, that as we go outside her room, we see only stars no people, no cities It s as if this little bunny is the last one on earth, and is being watched by some robotic nanny bunny I get the chills reading it, and I wonder if Cosette will pick up on it She loves it too, but probably because of the red balloon and two kittens.Mmmm Mush. Goodnight, Moon is the chilling portrayal of a small child represented, oddly enough, by a rabbit , listing the things in their bedroom and then saying goonight to them, one by one.At best, this is obvious stalling behavior by a willful child, remaining undealt with by a programmed parent At worst, it may be a symptom of what could turn into a crippling obsessive compulsive disorder, compelling the unnamed child to wish inanimate objects good night well past the threshold of exhaustion and madness.A number of unanswered questions remain Why do we only see the child in bed Where are his or her parents Who is the mysterious old woman who says hush, and why are her preliminary attempts to quell the destructive behavior of the child not heeded All in all, a good read Not quite the heart stopping thrill ride of Runaway Bunny, by the same author, but with a subtle horror all its own Two thumbs up, I say Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is one of the books that followers of my blog voted as a must read for our Children s Book August 2018 Readathon Come check it out and join the next few weeks This picture book was such a delight I hadn t remembered reading it when I was a child, but it might have been read to me either way, it was like a whole new experience It s always so difficult to convince a child to fall asleep at night I don t have kids, but I do have a 5 month old puppy who whines for 5 minutes every night when he goes in his cage crate hopefully he ll be fully housebroken soon so he can roam around when he wants I can only imagine I babysat a lot as a teenager and I have tons of younger cousins, nieces, and nephews, so I ve been through it before, too This was a believable experience, and it really helps show kids how to relax and just let go when it s time to sleep.The bunny s are adorable The rhymes are exquisite I found it pretty fun, but possibly a little dated given many of those things aren t normal routines any But the lessons to take from it are still powerful Loved it I want to sample somebooks by this fine author and her illustrators. I was stunned to see this appear on a list of banned booksI mean, seriously What could beinnocent than this book What within these brightly colored pages could possibly be considered objectionable A Google search revealed nothing Even Wiki let me down this time.Luckily, while I was having this discussion with a library patron, the director happened to walk by, and she knew the answer.You see the doll on the shelf behind the old lady rabbit s head It s not wearing any clothes.The horror, the horror Anyway, here s LeVar Burton reading this risqu book to Neil deGrasse Tyson