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What an amazing book Filled with intrigue, suspense and sheer engagement of the mind Starkman really gets the human mind and can capture its unraveling after heartbreak with such sharp detail and honors the struggles faced by many The story was twisty and turny and kept me gripped me to the pages It was intense, well drawn out and one not to be missed It was almost hard to put into words how I felt about this book, so please read this book and come back and tell me your thoughts We all need to talk about this book FirstLine The dream was always the same a flood of babies dribbling out of her mouth, dozens, tumbling head over heels. How much is a woman s identity caught up in the desire for motherhood What are the emotional consequences of not being able to have a child of one s own Monica Starkman has written a masterful portrayal of a woman with a complicated and traumatic past who falls victim to a little spoken of psychological and physical phenomenon after her first pregnancy ends in stillbirth The novel is enriched by the perspective of a writer with many years of experience as a psychiatrist, and it builds in emotional power Starkman s talent as a writer makes us intimately aware of Margo Kerber s hopes and despair The novel shows us how Margo enters her grief and succumbs to it, propelling her towards a startling act and painful reckoning Her life unravels, despite the strength of her marriage, her meaningful role as a surrogate parent to a mentally ill child, and the continuing support of a deep friendship Told with accuracy and compassion, it takes you down a path that is both shocking and, perhaps, inevitable Reeva Mager, LMSW I received a pre publication review copy This stunning book builds slowly to a climatic ending full of the best and worst of humanity I kept wondering if I d be able to make it to the end, as scenes moved from lush, detailed memories with that certain sense of wonder and magic that all children seem to possess, to that of severe psychic trauma and its devastating effects I did make it, with the aid of some tissues and a hot cup of chai.The emotional journey that Margo goes through is mirrored by other events in her normally tidy world, and it all spirals out of control in one way or another While some people might find that wading through the first 2 3 of the book before thejarring events happen to be too tedious, I appreciated the sense of security, though I can t say I was totally surprised that it was rather swiftly ripped away and shredded to pieces.If you ve ever suffered through any sort of depression, this book will really hit home While you might not have experienced the same trauma or psychosomatic symptoms, the feeling of utter helplessness displayed by both Margo and Steven will be all too familiar Dr Monica Starkman sums it up well in the following passage Pleasure seems to be a language she spoke once but has long since forgotten When you re reading this book you don t just see words on the page, you feel strongly and you mourn along with the characters It would be impossible not be moved in some small way at least, given the strength and beauty behind the writing itself, and the depth with which each of these persons is rendered I highly recommend reading this, as long as you are aware of the triggering material from what s mentioned in the synopsis, and you are prepared to embark upon a tumultuous quest to find meaning and fulfillment after so many disappointments. The End of Miracles This dramatic, psychological thriller by Monica Starkman left me deeply confused NOT about the book but about myself I always thought I knew right from wrong As I read this beautifully written novel I was simply enjoying the graphic details, the ups and down of a mid level administrator, and the heart tugging storyline When the dramatic saga unfolded I thought I knew what the outcome would be When it was frighteningly different from what was anticipated, I struggled to understand where I had gone wrong in my thinking Should Margo have beenseverely punished for her act Should she have beendeeply pitied Am I so judgemental What on earth happened to this intelligent, healthy, happily married young woman Why did her husband stay with her The sudden deterioration in her mental health shocked me Or was it so sudden But not on the second read.in spite of modern medicine, failure to conceive became a slow, lonely, emotionally painful process Her body had failed her And then her mind Note I am grateful to the author for providing me with an Advance Reader Copy. I found it intriguing that a Psychiatrist would write a fictional story about the journey of a woman with infertility and depression.As someone who lived a life where infertility and the struggle to find acceptance of it was a part of my journey, I opened the book and hoped it would bringunderstanding that it did pain It has been years since I came to acceptance and fortunately for me, that came without depression or the need for medical or psychiatric treatment And yet, I was surprised when my friend s children began having grandchildren and I realized I now had something else to come to acceptance with So the book was a topic of personal interest.Beautifully written and interesting how the impact of the primary character Margo s action play upon those around her When one piece of the puzzle is broken, even temporarily, it changes the outcome for everyone.An emotionally powerful look at the reality of mental illness. I have known Dr Monica Starkman for four decades as a prominent psychiatrist colleague, with special expertise in psychosomatic medicine Now I deeply admire her as a gifted novelist, whose brilliant use of imagery in her writing reminds me so much of John Keats immortal poetry Dr Starkman s novel opens with The dream was always the same a flood of babies dribbling out of her mouth, dozens, tumbling head over heels The description was concrete, startlingly visual, vividly kinetic and palpable, like Keats poems The entire novel was imbued with such memorably intense, and at times sensual, portrayals that it leaves a profoundly engaging and stimulating effect on the reader I simply could not put the book down until I got to the very last page The End of Miracles is an enormously engaging and rewarding read Reviewed by Evangeline J Spindler, MDPast President, Michigan Psychoanalytic Society I received an advanced reader copy of this book and loved it What I loved about this book was the powerful storytelling technique that Dr Starkman has I really flew through the end of the book and couldn t wait to find out what happened next Dr Starkman also did a wonderful job of providing educational background for readers at the beginning of some of the chapters It was just enough to set the stage for what was coming next I recommend this book for readers interested in psychiatry and looking to get a peek inside the mind of someone working through an intense life challenge. The End of Miracles is a spellbinding fast paced read a beautifully written debut novel Particularly so for those interested in mind body connections As someone who suffered unrelieved grief for years over the death of my young mother in childbirth, I identified with Margo, with the hidden damage done by the death of her beloved father No child should ever have to grieve the death of a loved one alone If left to one s own devices, the mind can play deadly tricks on the body And vice versa Highly recommended. Starkman is psychologically astute and clinically accurate Her writing is lyrical Consider the book s opening sentences The dream was always the same a flood of babies dribbling out of her mouth, dozens, tumbling head over heels It was like coming up from the sea sputtering a mouthful of water, salty and alive with life forms The dream was not frightening, not even unpleasant, but today Margo didn t want to linger with it, with the strange images, the faint sensation on her lips and tongue Better to get up, move about, dispel all traces of it She opened her eyes, and the babies flickered and faded as they disintegrated into the room s darkness The story that follows that dream is gripping It unfolds in ways that are vividly cinematic Margo, the story s protagonist, is desperate to conceive a child Disappointed, she rents a cheap hotel room and heads to the shopping center, where she finds herself beside a woman pushing a baby carriage.What follows is shocking The hitherto upstanding, courteous, conventional, law abiding Margo begins to spiral downward through a legal and psychotic tunnel that defies reason but not logic Desperately unhappy, she takes desperate measures to restore hope and mental balance.Rather than spoil the book s delicious suspense, I will include nodetails Suffice it to say that Margo and her husband are restored to each other and to civilization as they knew it She learns to live with new expectations All is not well, exactly, but life becomes bearable The sun may even shine again.It s rare that I give a book five stars The five star category belongs to such writers as Ian McEwan, Philip Roth, Anne Tyler, Tillie Olsen, Oliver Sacks I give few books four stars, but this one is in that category. `READ E-PUB ☔ The End of Miracles ☛ International Book AwardsFinalist For Literary Fiction Written By A Prominent Psychiatrist, This Stirring Portrait Of One Woman S Psychological Unraveling Takes Readers On A Suspenseful Journey Across The Blurred Boundaries Between Sanity And Depression, Madness And Healing Margo Kerber Has Endured Difficult Years Battling Infertility While Trying To Sustain Her Good Marriage And Satisfying Career When A Joyful Pregnancy Ends In A Late Miscarriage, She Is Devastated For A Time, The False Belief That She Is Once Again Pregnant Rescues Her From Grief When This Comforting Fantasy Inevitably Clashes With Ultrasound Reality, Margo Falls Into A Deep Depression She Is Admitted To A Psychiatric Hospital, Where The Environment Is Often Chaotic Worried It Is Making Her Worse, She Seizes An Opportunity To Flee Alone On The City Streets, A New Fantasy Propels Her To Kidnap A Baby From Its Carriage