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I must have had No Ordinary Life sitting on my Kindle a while, but it was brought back to my attention when the books publicist emailed asking if I was planning to review, I then made it my immediate priority, because it sounded amazing and I d remembered all over again why I had requested it in the first place.No Ordinary Life is SUCH an on point novel Kids acting, and kids becoming superstars, is something always in the news You see adults who used to be child stars messing up their lives left, right and centre, and there must be a reason, and that reason seems to be the mess that is Hollywood and Redfearn is on point with the lovely Molly, who herself becomes famous after a dance throw down on the streets of LA We follow Molly s mom Faye as Molly s fame skyrockets and she even gets the chance to be part of one of the most popular sitcoms, and you just knew it was all going to end up blowing up in Faye s face, and it was like waiting for a car crash to happen, but I felt for Faye because all she was trying to do was to care for her kids, all of her kids, and Molly acting allowed them to dothan just exist.Faye is an amazing mom, everything she does in the novel is amazing, and even when she sometimes lets Hollywood take over and Molly do things she s not entirely comfortable with, she realises her failings and always vows to do better Her end game was astounding, and I wanted to stand up and give her a standing ovation, because what she did was brave Some might say cruel, I say brave A mother does what she has to, to protect her kids, and Faye knew Hollywood was destroying her kids and acted accordingly, and I applaud that Molly is of course the scene stealer in the book, she s amazing and her little rhymes and the way she could ape anything was amazing She s precocious, and adorable, and I just wanted to keep her for myself But there s also Molly s two other kids, Emily and Tom I actually really loved Tom, he was so shy, and at times had crippling anxiety which caused him to stop speaking, and I felt so bad for him Emily was another matter I liked her, and I understood why she was so annoyed at her mom, but the way she acted made me despise her at times She did things that you can t just write off as teen angst, and she needed to make things right, which we sadly didn t get to see This was such a good read I always love books set in the world of Hollywood, and TV shows, and it s crazy, but I do love reading about it Suzanne is a very, very talented writer and I m definitely going to go and find myself her first novel Hush Little Baby I perhaps would have likedto the ending, because it was left soooooo open, I wanted to know what happened, I wanted MORE I cravedI would love a sequel, I would sooo love a sequel, please Suzanne I really, really loved this read It s been a long time since I ve really loved a women s fiction novel and this was an amazing read, so nuanced, so clever, and it asked a lot of questions Make sure you read this book, it s amazing. 3.5 stars No Ordinary Life is an interesting look at what happens in the lives of a young separated mother and her children when one of them becomes an unexpected child star sensation Faye is down on her luck, her husband is a trucker who has fled to another woman five months earlier and her middle child, Tom, has anxiety disorder which causes him to become mute anywhere except home With Social Services on her tail, she relocates to live with her mom in LA Molly, the four year old, a charming exuberant girl is videotaped dancing with street performers as Faye job hunts in the mall The viral feed of that video leads to a commercial, a financial rescue for the family and the exciting prospect of security with Molly acting in a TV series The upheaval, politics, personal drama and power plays in the Hollywood setting with child stars make this an interesting and different subject matter for a novel I appreciated that Faye had to learn to assert herself and that a real life spin was part of the challenge faced by this family, faced with fame and high demands on its time and emotions The only drawback to the novel was that it ended quite abruptly, and after all of the personal growth achieved by Faye, it seemed that the author still contrived to have Faye s happily ever after dependent on a man, which was the beginning of her mess in the first place. #Free Ebook Ù No Ordinary Life Á Suzanne Redfearn Delivers Another Gripping Page Turner In Her Latest Novel, A Story About A Young Mother S Fight To Protect Her Children From The Dangerous World Of Hollywood Faye Martin Never Expected Her Husband To Abandon Her And Her Three Children Or That She D Have To Struggle Every Day To Make Ends Meet So When Her Four Year Old Daughter Is Discovered Through A YouTube Video And Offered A Starring Role On A Television Series, It Seems Like Her Prayers Have Been Answered But When The Reality Of Their New Life Settles In, Faye Realizes That Fame And Fortune Don T Come Without A Price And In A World Where Everyone Is An Actor And Every Move Is Scrutinized By Millions, It S Impossible To Know Who To Trust, And Faye Finds Herself Utterly Alone In Her Struggle To Save Her Family Emotionally Riveting And Insightful, No Ordinary Life Is An Unforgettable Novel About The Preciousness Of Childhood And The Difficult Choices A Mother Needs To Make In Order To Protect This Fragile Time In Her Children S Lives Do not yearn to be popular be exquisite Do not desire to be famous be loved Do not take pride in being expected be palpable, unmistakableC JoyBell C.Suzanne Redfearn, an American author, pens a heart wrenching family story, No Ordinary Life that deals with the life of a woman with three young children, left abandoned by her husband, who is finding it difficult to make the ends of daily life meet with no constant flow of finance But one day, luck shines upon her family when her little daughter is given a chance to act for a major commercial brand advertisement.Synopsis Suzanne Redfearn delivers another gripping page turner in her latest novel, a story about a young mother s fight to protect her children from the dangerous world of Hollywood Faye Martin never expected her husband to abandon her and her three childrenor that she d have to struggle every day to make ends meet So when her four year old daughter is discovered through a YouTube video and offered a starring role on a television series, it seems like her prayers have been answered But when the reality of their new life settles in, Faye realizes that fame and fortune don t come without a price And in a world where everyone is an actor and every move is scrutinized by millions, it s impossible to know who to trust, and Faye finds herself utterly alone in her struggle to save her family Faye is left abandoned by her husband, who now needs to take care of her three children two daughters and one son on her own Finding it difficult to make ends meet, she moves to her hometown with her mother in pursuit of a job, that is when her youngest daughter Molly is discovered through a totally random video on YouTube where she is dancing to some tune in a shopping complex Her pretty 4 year old daughter, Molly, then bags a lucrative offer from GAP, and a big shot TV mini series that finally launches her into the world of Hollywood But fame comes with a hefty price and soon Faye is thrown on to the face of some complicated challenges that might jeopardize the future of Molly as well as her whole family What happens next is for you to find out Firstly the book cover image is absolutely fantastic as well as very arresting The author s writing style is classy and laced with lots of emotions that will make the readers feel as they delve deeper into the story The narrative is interesting and inspired from realism that will keep the readers anticipating till the end The pacing is moderate as there is lot of drama in and around the set of the TV series that the author have written quite descriptively The characters are highly inspiring and drawn from realism and I loved Faye, how she bravely handled and took care of her three children, despite of the fact that the children are missing the presence of a fatherly figure in the household She held to the children, even though there were differences in her elder daughter s demeanor She is like an epitome of single mothers one, whose postivity keeps her family move forward The supporting characters are also very well developed The children of Faye are a charm to read about with their cute demeanor, even when they got angry at times.The story ponders vividly into the world of Hollywood, the glitz, the glamour, the world of paparazzi, the behind the sets drama, scandals and many things which are portrayed with in depth details Faye s life is under the limelight, every move is under the lens of some nosy or some famous reporters How paparazzi effects a celebrity s life is also well captured by the author The story is emotional and the author depicts the love of a mother and the importance of unity in a family so strongly through this story The story is delightful to read and I will recommend the contemporary readers to give it a read Verdict An engrossing story about a child celebrity and her family Courtesy Thanks to the author, Suzanne Redfearn, for giving me an opportunity to read and review her novel Fay Martin s husband leaves to go on a road trip but does not return and abandons Fay and her three children,one who is autistic Fay is struggling with a low paid job, trying to keep the bills paid and her children fed Soon things are so tough that Fay moves in with her mother in Los Angeles Fay s daughter Molly does an online ad and after this success Hollywood comes calling Fay thinks this is her way out but soon learns that this is a hard and brutal industry, not all glamour and bright lights It is draining on both Molly, Fay and the other children even though the money is good This is an interesting read that gives us an insight into how Hollywood works, an enlightening story that keeps you turning the pages which I enjoyed Thank you to Netgalley the author and publisher for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I seriously love this author s books and wish she could publish one a week Her first novel, HUSH LITTLE BABY, was fantastic, and this advanced copy comes out Feb 2016 didn t disappoint me another great book by Suzanne It really made me think about actor s lives, esp child actors, and the peaks and pain of being famous She did a lot of research and it paid off Great read A special thank you to Grand Central and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewSuzanne Redfearn returns following the compelling Hush Little Baby, with her latest, NO ORDINARY LIFE a riveting domestic suspense of one single mother s desperate struggle for survival a twisted disturbing obsessive fan, and the ultimate cost of fame and fortune Torn between their lives before and after stardom The trials and tribulations greed, damage, regret, guilt surviving the Hollywood fallout Living in Yucaipa, CA, Faye is a young single mother Husband Sean, left months earlier, on one of his trucking routes, and never returned During such time, Faye receives no support or income to help raise the children They are struggling, barely getting by financially At least the kids are happy where they are, even though they live on less enjoying the outdoor open areas, horses, and close friends Molly four , Tom eight , and Emily twelve Molly is outgoing, Tom speaks at home however, at school, he remains mute selective mutism Faye is a good mother however, she does not broadcast her husband has been gone for months, and the school continues to question why she is not getting Tom into therapy She has no money for therapy, rent, to repair their van, nor get the kids new shoes for school It is time to move to LA with her mom her last resort, since they do not get along Family services is called in and she knows she has to have help Emily, the oldest is devastated about the move, a lover of horses and the open spaces Versus a condo at her grandmothers Faye got married early, and has no education beyond high school or job skills except being a waitress.Shortly after moving to LA, her four year old daughter is discovered via YouTube with her winning personality and street dance moves A PI and agent tracks her down, and GAP is interested in Molly for a commercial The grandmother is delighted, since her world revolves around celebrities however, Faye is not sure she wants to subject her daughter to this world However, she soon learns the money will help them with the expenses, a place to live, and a new car She can be Molly s manager She is excited and sees this as her way out of this black hole Everything seems to be going along well, until the loser ex husband they are not divorced , comes back in to the picture to get his hands on half the money He is manipulative, and tries to get custody of the kids, and in the meantime Tom is now part of the celebrity status and joins Molly, and their entire world begins changing.A mother is swept up in a thrilling world of fame and money Proud of her two stars, Molly and Tom However, the older daughter, Emily is caught up in the fascination which turns to evil and devastation With binding contracts, she cannot just up and leave in the middle of the series What if it were your child, caught up in a terrifying world of politics, greed, hectic schedules, demands, politics, law suits, contracts, and obsessive dangerous fans They are unable to live life like a normal child When a dangerous stalker gets too close, decisions have to be made in order to take control Redfearn does a fantastic job with Molly s character she has a winning personality, and is not caught up in the hair, makeup, and dresses she likes her overalls, and her raw wit and simple charm, draws you in You can envision her on stage, winning hearts At times Faye could be na ve, weak, selfish, and at times a coward however, down deep she loves her children, a good mother, and just wants a better life for her children Sometimes she makes impulsive and reckless decisions, which lead to negative conclusions However, she experiences tremendous growth from the beginning of the book to the end finally getting the courage to take control of her life The entire time I was reading the story, I continued to think about JonBenet Ramsey the six year old star, murdered I was living in Atlanta when all this occurred and the Ramsey Atlanta home was only a mile away from where I lived Riding by each day, I continued to wonder what really happened that Christmas night in 1996.Can relate to being a single mom, which can be tough financially, and the wars between parents Cover love adorable Enjoyed Suzanne Redfearn s writing, while she captured the raw emotions, of each character for an engaging and thought provoking read I look forward forward to reading Hush Little Baby, which I missed along the way have heard rave reviews JDCMustReadBooks When I was younger, all I ever wanted to be was an actress on tv As I got older I still wanted it, but it just wasn t my personality to be center of attention So instead, I daydreamed about it and created a whole fictional world just for me Well, none of my daydreaming could ever have come close to what working in the entertainment business is truly like It s not as glamorous as one may think its long, at times boring, and privacy is a word that has no meaning What we, as normal everyday living people see is money, power, and beauty Of course, that s what they want is to see It s not like that It s not like that at all No Ordinary Life opened up my eyes and had me thinking about my own children The whole time it had my anxiety up because it just wasn t as fabulous as I pictured it to be It seemed darker, scary, and depressing I only say depressing because it seems like a place where you can trust no one Everyone is out for themselves That s sad The moment Faye s husband left his family behind, Faye has been struggling to makes ends meet What was supposed to be a week on the road for his job, Sean just decided to never come back It s been months with nothing from Sean, so Faye finally decides to do something about it She moves away from what she and her kids call home, to go live with her mother in L.A While Faye is looking for a job, Molly becomes a YouTube sensation when she s discovered singing and dancing pretty much being cute as hell The world instantly loved her Soon, a top Hollywood agent contacts Faye in regards to the beautiful little Molly There starts the beginning of things to come Change Money New cars Clothes Things they never were able to afford before, it s all there s for the taking But things aren t always what they seem Faye starts seeing the not so glamorous side to Hollywood, her ex wants back in their lives, her oldest daughter Emily hates her, and her son Tom with his disorder I enjoyed this story a lot I think the author wrote realistically not that I would know or anything, since I ve never known anyone in the entertainment business I can only go off documentaries I ve watched and books I ve read And I think I d really just like to stick to the Hollywood in my head The one where everyone is nice and lives happily ever after Ha Just kidding But I do thank the entertainment industry for keeping me, well, entertained Regardless of what goes on behind the scenes, Hollywood does a great job of keeping us on our toes There are a lot of things I disagree with Things that I would have done differently if this happened to me and my family Like Faye, I m a single mother with three kids I say single only because my husband isn t around right now Anyways, I thought about my holster an awful lot while reading I don t have favorites, cause that s just wrong, but if any of my children had that star power, it would be my middle child She s very outgoing, always smiling, very funny she s only two Not only that but she doesn t look like me or my other two kids she s a blonde, curly Shirley Temple type My son, is too shy and my youngest, well, she s just very serious and cautious I can t ever see her wanting to be in front of a camera entertaining the masses Back to my point if my two year old crazy, funny girl, were to somehow get discovered , i just don t know what I would do Would I be selfish if I said no Would I be selfish if I said yes Faye made a decision for her family that best suited them But me I just would be able to do that to my kids I want to take the time to personally thank the publishers for providing me with an early copy to read and review With eyes opened wide, I ll never look at a tv show or movie the same way again A lot of hard work goes into it Overall, I totally recommend this thought provoking, serious read It s intelligent, enlightening, and entertaining all at the same time Review copy given for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own. Faye s husband has left for a road trip and hasn t shown back up Leaving her with three young children to raise with little money She decides to move to LA and move in with her mother.Then while job hunting one day her youngest daughter gets caught dancing and uploaded to YouTube.She goes viral Then she Molly gets a GAP commercial and America wantsof this cute little girl Molly then is up for a part in the number one TV show The Foster Family She gets the part and the family is changed forever Faye is unused to fame and all that it entails, and it can be some nasty stuff Redfearn does an amazing job with her research for this book At times I really did not like Faye or her actions and then at others I cheered her on She is completely and totally human.The side that we get as readers takes us into the film industry and we see some of the downsides of child stars We knew it existed but it was still juicy I ve never wanted to be famous because ugh people but if you have and still want to after reading this bookpower to you Booksource Netgalley in exchange for review. This was an unexpectedly good book I say this because I didn t know quite what to expect, child superstar, a novel on a kind of similar life to child stars in Hollywood We have Faye, a mom to three beautiful children one of them being little Molly her 4 year old daughter.Faye finds herself bringing up her children on her own as her husband ran off Deciding she needs to move back with her Mother for a while and get a job to help support herself on her family.One day she decided to take Molly with her to the shopping mall, looking for a waitress job Outside there was a busker like band playing where Molly got involved Later, that was uploaded onto You Tube and it went viral Hence Molly was picked up on her talent Looks cute, got talent, and she is very appealing.Faye s mother is super excited and urges Faye forward with all chances that come for Molly.We experience the highs and the lows of this with both Faye and Molly.We are all aware of what fame can accomplish or harm children within this spotlight of life on camera and the public media Drink, drugs, sex, even suicide Eating disorders etc we have all read articles about this in the Newspapers.The author did a fantastic job in bringing all equations, all sides of the limelight and lifestyle plus dangers, the highs and the lows It made for not only a good novel, but also informative thought provoking reading No Ordinary Life is a really apt title, because, it really was not an Ordinary Life I would like to thank Grand Central Publishing via Net Galley for my advanced copy to read and review