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|Read E-pub õ The Secret Garden ⚣ This Th Anniversary Edition Of The Secret Garden Celebrates A Cherished Classic With Tasha Tudor S Wonderful Illustrations Throughout, An Extended Author Biography, Games, Activities, And When Orphaned Mary Lennox Comes To Live At Her Uncle S Great House On The Yorkshire Moors, She Finds It Full Of Secrets The Mansion Has Nearly One Hundred Rooms, And Her Uncle Keeps Himself Locked Up And At Night, She Hears The Sound Of Crying Down One Of The Long CorridorsThe Gardens Surrounding The Large Property Are Mary S Only Escape Then, Mary Discovers A Secret Garden, Surrounded By Walls And Locked With A Missing Key One Day, With The Help Of Two Unexpected Companions, She Discovers A Way In Is Everything In The Garden Dead, Or Can Mary Bring It Back To Life Actual rating 4.5 5 stars.I have vivid memories of reading this renowned children s classic when I was very young I can distinctly recall my shock at reading a book with such an initially dislikable protagonist, the likes of which I had not yet discovered during my few years of reading I was intrigued by the petulant Mary Lennox and was enchanted by her discovery of the secret garden This, I believe, was my my first introduction to dark and brooding main characters, and probably even honed my later love for female Gothic fiction, so I am eternally indebted to it, for that.It has now been many years since my young repeated readings of this book and I tried to divorce these emotions from my present reading Whether or not I was successful I could not say, but this still entranced me just as much as it did as a child This book has always held a nostalgic place in my heart but I now love it even for the joy it continued to bring to my adult self. I am now confused I do not know any what is my preference when it comes to books.When I was a kid, I wanted to read only books with pictures like the illustrated Alice in the Wonderland or Rip Van Winkle Until I read Silas Marner with no pictures and I said, wow, books with no pictures are also great When I was a teenager, I said I don t like to read books that are hard to understand and read by adults until I read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and I said, wow, I did not know that there are authors who write this way When I was a young man, I said I do not want thick books because I do not have time for them until I read War and Peace and The Fountainhead and I said, wow, thick books can be really engaging and finishing them can give you a different high When I became a husband, my sex life became busy, I stopped heavy reading and concentrated on my job not on copulating you silly so I just grabbed some easy read bestsellers like The Da Vinci Code , The Kite Runner until my daughter came and I had to read some children s books to her and she loved them but I secretly hated them until I read to her The Little Prince and said, wow, there are still children s books that can speak to me even if I am a grown up man When I became a middle aged man, I discovered Goodreads There is an option to screen members who apply to become your friend by asking the applicant a question I thought then that the choice of genre was important so I chose this question What is your favorite literary genreand from then on, I have been accepting and ignoring invites based on his her answer I generally don t accept invites from people who say they don t have any preference I thought that that kind of answer is wishy washy or indecisive that reflects his or her not being a serious reader.Prior to last year, I said, I don t want to read fantasy books I am too old for that Until, I read the whole series of J.R.R.Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings and I say, wow, wow, wow, I did not know that I could still be amazed by a fantasy book about wizards, trolls, flying horse, monsters and little creatures This book, The Secret Garden is a kind of book that I would not even consider reading It is neither a 501 nor a 1001 book The reason why I read this is that it is one of the Top 100 Favorite Books of The Filipino Group here at Goodreads We challenged ourselves to read all the chosen books so I gave this a try.Story wise, it is too sweeet Saccharine corny Predictable Inappropriate for a middle age man like me Almost insulting to intelligence feisty girl turns sweet girl Sickly unwanted boy turns healthy Then the boy and father embrace each other and profess love for one another Hu hu hu Books can just hit you without any warning I was sad yet happy when I closed this book this morning I think I am going crazy reading different books and experience all the different emotions while reading them So I don t know any I don t know what I like in books No preferences Ask me now, what is my favorite genre I don t know But, the writing in this book is flawless I have attended a novel writing workshop last year and all the ingredients of a good novel are here well developed characters, each of them has his her own distinct voice and transforming towards the end, milieu the garden is clearly described and very significant in the story, the internal and external conflicts are arranged like small to tall majorettes in a parade, the hooks at the end of each chapter, the climax, the falling action, the denouement ties up the loose ends from the conflicts The theme is solid The lessons, though corny, are school textbook kind of reminders that love is important to make this world a better place and nature is beautiful so we have to take care of it.I guess my realization is this yes, at some points in our lives, we tend to prefer some literary genres over the others However, the genre is secondary to the writing If the writer is good, no matter in which genre the book belongs, he she should be read. It is not the genre, it is the writing. Except for the persistent India bashing, I loved this book In fact Mistress Mary, I loved the ending so much that I forgive your English superiority complex Next time you visit here though, allow me to take you on the ride across India, I hope your impression will change Love love loveAlso counting this as my first BookTubeAThon read even if I read only 2 pages during the actual readathon, I NEED ALL THE BOOKS I CAN GET