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|Read Book õ Hush Little Baby õ If I Stay, He Will Kill Me If I Leave, He Ll Destroy Addie And DrewJillian Kane Appears To Have It All A Successful Career, A Gorgeous Home, A Loving Husband, And Two Wonderful Children The Reality Behind Closed Doors Is Something Else Entirely For Nine Years, She Has Hid The Bruises And The Truth Of Her Abusive Marriage In Order To Protect Addie And Drew, Knowing, If She Left, Gordon Would Destroy Her Destroy ThemWhen, In An Act Of Desperation, She Flees, Her Worst Nightmare Is Realized, And She Finds Herself On The Run With Her Two Young Children, No Money, And No Plan With Gordon In Hot Pursuit, There Is Only One Inescapable Certainty No Matter Where She Goes, He Will Find Her Kill Her And Take Her ChildrenA Riveting Page Turner, Hush Little Baby Exposes The Shame And Terror Of Domestic Violence As Well As The Disturbing Role Manipulation And Sabotage Can Play In The High Stakes Game Of Child Custody Suspenseful And Unforgettably Moving, It S A Novel About The Unbreakable Bonds Of Family And The Astounding, Terrifying Devotion Of A Mother S Love This has been a sheer treat and delight to read.A friend recommended this book and I d like to thank her for that She even encouraged me to bump it up my list of reads.In an abusive relationship along with having two children too is very hard to make decisions to leave But what if your husband was a doting Father, worked in the Police force and was highly respected Friends, family And what if you think you are a hopeless Mother, not getting anything right This book is muchthan this though, throw in a lover, pregnancy, death, murder and cancer and you have opened lots of plots.I would highly encourage you to read this Gripping story from beginning to end. 5 Suspenseful Heart pounding Stars ARC provided by Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Publication Date October 8, 2013JustWow That was all I could think after finishing this book I was in tears and terrorized myself while reading I continued to put myself into the character s thoughts and shoes to understand the terror of abuse and how hard it is to RUN and SURVIVE This is Suzanne Redfearn s debut novel and I have to say.DAMN This is going to be a breakthrough novel for her Her writing is intense and riveting when I read thisI was living it through her eyes and emotions.Suzanne brings us through the journey of Jillian trying to get away from her abusive husband along with saving her children, her parents and any friend willing to step in to help her.Jillian looks like she has it all she is a very successful VP in an architectural firm who s husband dotes on her along with her two children He is seen as a hero in the police force, a devout Christian, a great little league coach, and the list goes on, but behind closed doors he is physically and mentally abusive who only has one thing in mindgetting his wife pregnant again He threatens her life and the life of their children if she ever leaves him, he kicks, strangles, punches etc only where the bruises could be hid.When Jillian finally gets the courage to tell him that she wants to leave him.he locks her out of the house and empties the bank accounts immediately moving his mistress in the house Jillian tries to fight to get her children back even though she questions her worth as a mother but Gordon blocks every attempt setting her up to make it look like she is insane and an unfit mother.It gets to a point that Jillian has had enough and takes the children and RUNS, but it doesn t take long for Gordon to find them Through some luck, Jillian is able to thwart him and finds a somewhat safe place to hide Through the couple months she is hidden, she connects with her children and watches them grow emotionally without the stress of an overbearing father.There is so muchto the story than what I have written, but the only way to experience the same angst I went through is to pick up a copy of the book This book engrossed me from the minute I picked it up until the end like I said before I was right there experiencing what Jillian did Ms Redfearn is definitely going places after this spectacular novel. 6 LEAVES YOU WONDERING STARS Every once in a while, I stumble across a book that I don t just read, love, and move on from Instead, it becomes a declaration of truth that exposes what is covered up within society A statement of hope that encourages us to stand up for what is just , not what is deemed right by others A realization of the two most chilling and provocative words in the English languageWhat ifMark my words this author is going placesFrozen smiles, polite nods, a few princess waves and we re in the car and on our way A beautiful day A beautiful family.I m happy to pretend Know that saying appearances can be deceiving This fast paced, psychologically thrilling suspense book boosts it up to a whole new level My heart was beating 250 per minute and I could not tear my eyes away until I finished the book in one sitting To the outside world, Jillian Kane appears to have the perfect life a solid career as an architect, a loving mother to her two children, and a doting and supportive husband No one knows that deep within the household, Jillian is a victim of domestic violence, leading her to falter in her parental duties and question her sanityFor the next few weeks, I ll obsess on preventing another attack, catering to Gordon like he s a king loving him and worshipping him with abject devotion I will work out, wear sexy lingerie, attempt to bebeautiful than I am I will smile and purr, forsaking my dignity, my pride, and any sense of self that remains, all in a vain attempt to prevent it from happening again Like a beaten dog, Jillian cowers and submits to the whims of her bastard of a husband I was extremely furious with her for not fighting back and repeating the cycle over and over again and part of the reason is that as a woman, I, myself, felt degraded and soiled by Gordon s actions Like Jillian, I felt the hopelessness as horrific events unfolded and I was unable to do anything, anything to prevent them from occurring, only to watch her sink deeper and faster into her hellholeIt can all be taken from you Everything you think is yours, everything you think you re entitled to because you earned it, worked for it, all of it can be destroyed Look carefully at the person you think you love, be wary of your husband or your wife, because, if they choose, they can destroy you I am a romance reader so I desperately hoped for a happy resolution, though I knew instinctively that there wouldn t be one The very little romance presented in the book wasn t even there to serve a romantic purpose no, it was there to convey just how much role manipulation and aggressive control one has over anotherHe s robbed me of my name, my identity, my accomplishments, my family and he s robbed Addie and Drew of their futures Although these are fictional characters, the dark themes the book deals with are very real and the truly mindblowing moral I ve garnered after finishing this book is quite simple everyone is capable of evil, and only some are capable of good I can never really view my conscience as conscience again, for in times of danger and despair, all of us are thrust in a position where it is fight or flight, lion or lamb Yet in outwardly appearance, fear of doing wrong, personal morals, and compassionate natures keep that darkness deeply buried within ourselves, only to be triggered when we feel the need to survive, the desire to protect, and the urge to hurt Even now, I cannot dissect the meaning of the ending Is there regret Is there relief Will she ever be free What if she never married GordonWhat if she never ranWhat if the trigger was never pulledWhat ifI have nothing else to say ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Please note that all quotes are from an advance copy and are subject to change in the final edition. This book was won through Goodreads First Reads giveaways What a wonderful debut psychological thriller It was a fast paced page turner which left me holding my breath several times I could picture this in my mind as if the movie were already made Jillian Kane has the picture perfect life and marriage.though that picture has been air brushed to cover up all the flaws and ugly truths This is the story of living with the choices we make, until you can not live with them any longer It is the story of finally saying enough is enough and doing whatever you need to do to protect your family Jillian faces demons, both her own and others and becomes the woman and mother she wants to be We all make mistakes, but it is whether we learn and grow from them that makes the difference The characters were well developed and believable This could be the family next door There were plenty of twists and turns and the ending took me a bit by surprise I will watch forfrom this very entertaining writer I glance again at the riddled ink on Paul s arms and think perhaps my tattoos are simply less obvious, that I m as marked as he is by my young, impulsive choicesMy choices don t brand my skin, but instead, scar my life