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This science fictional comic , written in 1954 , 14 years before the first actual moon landing , fails to disappoint , after the precedent set by its prequel , Destination Moon.This adventure sees Tintin and friends successfully go to the moon and back , defeating such problems as a rapidly depleting oxygen source and villains who have followed them into space.I read it when I was ten and it led me to become interested in space.I remember sitting on top of the roof of my home , reading it , and seeing a shooting star fly by There is something intriguing about these comics Destination Moon Explorers on the Moon these duo are first science fictions in the Tintin series Originally published in 1953 54, long before any mission to the moon, Herge has been able to provide convincing and accurate scientific details in most parts The beautiful illustrations of the moon, earth and space travel are so realistic in terms of surface texture and contrast I loved the illustrations of night sky, shades of darkness, pale blue earth from the space and the glowing moon with its craters O I ve decided to try Tintin as a way of exploringinto the world of comics But why start at No 17, you ask Because I saw a doggy spacesuit, and I could not resist. Wow this was a surprisingly sophisticated science fiction thriller I was surprised how science driven it was, and educational considering the time it was written Herg clearly cared about accuracy when writing his story though his zero g physics were a little loop The primary plot was about oxygen supply There are some really dramatic, character defining moments for the characters, and the best part Calculus has a hearing aid so we actually get him to be a character as opposed to a walking spoonerism gag Top notch Tintin. This was the first book in the series I ever read The books in the series just really seemed to stand out on the shelf in my public library so I decided to look through them and read the one with the coolest cover EXPLORERS ON THE MOON caught my attention because it seemed like science fiction I started reading it and when I was done I loved it That was about nine years ago I think that it might have been two or three years later but at some time, I was in a bookstore in India and I just happened to see an English translation of the book I asked my mom if I could buy it and we did, along with an English translation of LAND OF BLACK GOLD The price sticker s still on it it was 275 rupees that s about 5.50.I read just about all of the TINTIN books other than TINTIN IN THE CONGO I don t want to read it because it will probably ruin my opinion of the series but I wanted to read them all again before reviewing them.This one s still as awesome as I remember it Everything s perfect The dialogue, the plot, the pacing, and of course the artwork, are all great Something else I like is that, although his is one of the most if not the most macabre of the books, it s also hilarious at times When I first read the book, Captain Haddock was my favorite character because of the colorful language he used I think he s still my favorite character in the series The thing about the TINTIN series is that you don t need to read the books in order You ll knowabout the characters I you do but they all stand alone There were a few things that confused me when I first read it One was that Tintin used the word fantastic to describe Captain Haddock s letter that explained that he left the rocket We usually use the word to mean wonderful these days and not unbelievable so I was stuck for a while wondering why Tintin thought the situation was wonderful I also didn t know what Punch and Judy was so I didn t get the joke there And then there was the whole turning operation for the rocket We know now that making rockets with stages is the best way and only way to land it on the Moon I didn t bother looking at the publication date, however I didn t have a problem with the fact that they took a dog, Snowy, on the mission, though I should have back then I hated CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY because it was too illogical back then , but I was confused about whether or not Snowy actually spoke because, you know, in the GARFIELD comic strips it seems like Garfield can talk even though he uses thought bubbles instead of speech bubbles.Other than that, I thought EXPLORERS was awesome It s my second favorite now, though I think THE BLACK ISLAND is just slightly better although, sadly, it doesn t have Captain Haddock Most of the books in the series are awesome It s only too bad they re not so well known here in America as they are in the rest of the world. Tintin reaches the moon20 February 2012 Herge really did his research into this comic, but I suspect that the knowledge regarding space travel at this time had powered ahead I believe that the Russians had already launched objects into space, however despite that it is very clear from this comic that Herge knew what he was talking about The reason I say this is because of a number of events in the book the effect of G forces when the rocket enters and leaves the Earth the knowledge that gravity on the moon is 6 times less than what it is on Earth and the effects of gravity and weightlessness in open space though we need to remember that gravitational forces on a trip from the Earth to the moon are still going to be significant since the forces of the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon would all be having an effect This is a continuation on from Destination Moon In the first comic they were preparing for the journey and in this comic that are on the journey Sometimes I wonder though whether the characters on the rocket would have actually been chosen Tintin is young and very fit, and also has specialised knowledge in radio operation, so yes, he would be a prime candidate Captain Haddock is a ship s captain, but also a drunkard and a smoker, and probably not very fit, so I would say no As for Professor Calculus, it would be highly unlikely that he would be making the journey Most engineers who design and build the rockets remain on Earth, and the ones going into space are generally military officers I believe in the US they are members of the airforce, though they are also scientists, but a lot has changed since the early days This is the last of the double book features the rest of the Tintin adventures all occur within the single book However, this is a little different to the other doubles in that it is a direct continuation from the previous book and thus everything that I have mentioned in the previous one applies here as well Okay, the other doubles were also continuations, however in the previous ones the adventure would take a decidedly new twist, whereas in this one we are always looking towards the Moon and Tintin s ultimate arrival I do feel that the later books do begin to decline in quality, though they are still entertaining however, that was before I re read them, so I will be retracting that statement The Thompsons make an appearance in this one, but then again they have pretty much become a mainstay of the comics by this stage, and they are as silly as ever This time they get the times mixed up and end up on the rocket as it hurtles towards the moon Then the effect of the pills that they took in Land of the Black Gold begin to take effect, again, with Captain Haddock suddenly being assigned as the ships barber It is interesting that once Haddock joined the team, the Thompsons seem to become muchincompetent I notice that the Captain is always berating them for their stupidity, though they do end up standing up for themselves near the end Tintin could not be Tintin without intrigue though I must admit that that is lacking in Red Rackham s Treasure and we find out here that Wolff is the traitor and that one of Tintin s old enemies has been smuggled on bored Once again the enemy is referred to the unknown superpower but it is obvious that this unknown superpower is Russia. I pity the child who doesn t get to experience the Asterix the Gaul or Tintin graphic novels It would be almost as bad as a childhood devoid of Lego in my opinion In all seriousness though I do believe that Tintin is the perfect example of a book all children should have the opportunity to read I know that at the school libraries I ve visited that children love them still here in Australia I read many books in my childhood many of them trashy unforgettable child stories that I look back and laugh at and there are too many to properly get nostalgic there are many books I still forget I ve read until I stumble over them Biggles for example or the The Velvet Room for another instance Well either way I had what seemed like a large bookshelf full of old children s books when I was young But what I loved and remember reading was books like Tintin Books that had memorable characters And to this day this particular story remains my favourite Perhaps it was the touch of science fiction or fantasy How Johnson and Johnson grow that long green hair and how the astronauts find frozen water on the moon I guess it was the touch of whimsy that added to the magical, childish charm in the Tintin stories Speaking of Tintin the film that came out recently is a fine example of how motion capture can be used to create a stunningly visual film It looks really, really fine Of course the plot is merely a rehash of another Tintin story making it a pretty decent adaptation therefore but that said it is a very well made animated film I think and reminded me all theof these books Some books may pass from your memory but others remain in your heart and the characters grow on with you throughout the years and that is what the Tintin books remain for me. *E-pub ⇶ On a marché sur la Lune ⇞ The First Manned Rocked, Bound For The Moon, Has Just Launched From The Sprodj Atomic Research Centre In Syldavia On Board Are Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, And The Engineer Frank WolffAt The Centre, Intense Efforts Are Being Made To Establish Radio Contact With The Rocket S Passengers Out In Space Tintin And His Friends Have Fainted From The Acceleration On Launching Their Recovery Is Anxiously Awaited The Wireless Masts Stand Sentinel In The Night Sky, But They Receive No Message Tintin becomes the first person to set foot on the moon in a stunning array of awe inspiring drawings, but peril awaits This was one of my favorite episodes of the series It has a lot of dramatic twists in the plot If any one wud like to make a film I would suggest this and its prequel for filming There is a scope for few scientific facts and children can grasp easier than learning in a class I appreciate the author for providing space for those also in this part