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What struck me the most about this play was Josie the oldest daughter was very big and broad and yet still described and beautiful She was an Irish woman and very rough She didn t take much crap from nobody She even knew how to put her daddy in place I liked that she didn t let anybody step on her just because her family didn t have a lot of money She did what she wanted to do and she wasn t a wild a child she was very smart and knew right from wrong After I got through reading over the very beginning part about Josie and her dad I started to get bored though The writing and of the play and the way words were said and how slow it all seemed to flow really made it hard for me to stay into the play I like what the whole thing was suppose to be about but it was very hard to get into it The play made me feel happy and glad to be woman because Josie made it great to be a woman, an independent woman especially The play also made me feel like I was wondering about the characters Wondering what they would do next Always let your heart and you yourself make your decisions in life, it s your life, your stress, your problems no one else s and so you make the choices for it not others. I read this book because I was looking for a quote There is a source saying the quote I was looking for is from this book I don t know whether I should trust my eyes or the book, anyway I didn t find it Eugene O Neill is the grandpa for American serious drama, but this one I really don t like it It has too much burden back the scene, too much social and other background I prefer plot withdramatic change like Shakespears etc This one, I read it as if it is a play of Schiller s But it is way too plain for me But I could see a small trace of modernism, and it also reminds me Camus Outsider when Tyrone was confessing about the death of his mom That is a good part of this play But still, I was expecting . O Neill s plot is hackneyed male fantasy broken man finds peace in arms of virgin In telling it, he strikes some pleasing notes of pathos and acceptance. In some ways, I do prefer this sequel to Long Day s Journey into Night A Moon for the Misbegotten takes place approximately ten years after the events of the former play, focusing on the final days of James Tyrone, Jr, who s drowned himself in alcohol to help ward off those personal demons that haunted and tormented his memories for all these years Throughout these years, he s looked for purity and innocence a love that he could truly cherish, and seems to have finally found it in the form of the tall, plain Josie Hogan.What makes this playbeautiful than Long Day s Journey into Night is the lyrical quality to O Neill s dialogue Like the former play, there s the dark murky sense of bitterness and sadness paired with a bleak sense of humor But here, there s also a sense of tangible hope and happiness that manages to shine through, like the moonlight that brings James and Josie together that night on the steps of Josie s front porch Though the play does offer some happiness for its characters, it s also bittersweet But then again, I only know of one true happy Eugene O Neill play, that being Ah, Wilderness.Regardless, this is definitely a beautiful play and one of my favorites. In O Neill s sequel to Long Day s Journey into Night, Jim is eleven years older,dependent on the bottle than ever before, and back from the big lights of Broadway for one last chance at love under the moonlight The potential lover is Josie Hogan, a big Irish girl who has a loose reputation and an alcoholic swindler of a father When things start to look south for the Hogans, they try to mend the situation by tricking Jim into marrying Josie After the score is settled, we see the raw Jim, returning to Josie under the moonlight, buried in bourbon and the still of the night, craving just one thing peace Do we obtain this peace through love, or the comfort from work ethic of the American Dream, like Tyrone before Jim, or through something farsinister As Jim mourns his path, the decisions he s made, his loose ways with women, the death of his family, he looks to Josie to comfort him But even she cannot pull him out of his state, a an emptiness and loneliness that not love, but only death can cure Though Jim is lost in his hopelessness, with a worthless life, perhaps Josie is not In this beautiful tragedy of empty love and loss, O Neill faces one of his most powerful demons the self destructive force that was his brother Josie is the only one capable, and innocent enough, to see this objectively. I once found this to be a profoundly moving and sensitive play My consciousness has been raised, for it now seems wrongly male centric The story is all about Jamie and his needs, not Josie and hers, which are just as valid I judge it from a perspective alien to the time when the work was written and so can be generous with the star parts, but this now seems a male fantasy in which this women is used just like the whores James has always used, only chastely, for forgiveness Unlike the whores, Josie doesn t get a penny out of it She has a rum deal. I read Moon for the Misbegotten for an online literature course It s a short play, written by Eugene O Neill in the 1940s about a large, in control, basically good willed and good hud woman named Josie who works beside her father on their farm, though she s actually much stronger than he is Her younger brothers have all run off with her help because they can t stand working under their ill tempered and often drunk father Josie, who proudly and to my amusement proclaims herself a slut throughout the novel, is actually in love with Jim Tyrone, an older man, very rich, who lives nearby and also owns the land the Hogans farm on However, even though Jim returns her affections in his heart, they have a complicated relationship in which both deny being attracted to the other and Jim tries to steer Josie away because he knows he d be no good for her He s a drunk, for one thing, and he also has some issues in his past that leave him a bit of an emotional wreck During a drunken fight with Josie s father, Jim says he s going to sell their land, which propels the Hogans to form a plan that will let them keep their land and get Jim to marry Josie A Moon for the Misbegotten wasn t bad and it wasn t good Just alright Sometimes the dialogue was too blunt for my taste and repetitive too But Josie and Jim are unique characters with a story to tell and it s interesting to consider that this play was written in the 1940s, considering some of the language and content It was quite controversial at its debut, I learned, and rightfully so if you think of the movies coming out of Hollywood at the time.I don t think I d ever read a play for fun, so I can t say I d recommend this But if you do have to read this, don t dread it It s quick and it s not a bad story.Findbook reviews at A Quick Red Fox. I wasn t sure what to expect from this play, but was pleasantly surprised I had to read it over the weekend for a class The assignment was to pick an American Realist author and perform a scene from one of his her plays I thought the realist period ended in the late 1800s, but apparently it continued on past the moderns and almost into the contemporaries I d heard of O Neill s plays, but never read any and was especially apprehensive to read this considering I hadn t read its prequel, A Long Day s Journey into Night The play follows the relationship between three characters Josie her Irish farmer father, Hogan and her would be love interest, Jim The story takes place over a day and involves a scheme between the father and daughter to get back at Jim for selling the farm out from under them Throughout the scheme Jim s true intentions are revealed as well as Hogan s and there s a nice bit of redemption at the end I have to admit that I was a bit bored during Act I, but as their stories progressed, I becameinterested, and evensympathetic toward the flawed characters Josie is a big, tough, sturdy girl, who is fully convinced she is unlovable it was nice to see her let down her guard and allow herself to be loved although at times, I found her character getting a bit sappy The relationship between father and daughter is fun to follow as well They seem like a couple of selfish curmudgeons, yet they do have compassion for a certain few Hogan clearly admires his daughter, despite his frequent insults, as she is one of the few people who will stand up to him Given the bouts of disillusionment and excessive drinking from the flawed characters, I felt O Neill would have fit right in with Fitzgerald or even Hemingway. though written around the same time 1941 43 , long day s journey into night was first performed upon the stage some nine years after its sequel, a moon for the misbegotten the former, eugene o neill s autobiographical masterpiece, takes place about a decade prior to moon s drama jim or jamie in journey both based on o neill s real life older brother , now older, cynical, and nearly beaten by life, has all but succumbed to his alcoholism still plagued emotionally, that is by the death of his mother, jim is consumed by guilt and shame as a fitting and imperfect if unrequited complement to jim s character, josie the tall, well built, and tough talking 28 year old irishwoman is the daughter of phil hogan, jim s lessee while much of the story revolves around hogan and josie s farm, and the threat of it being sold by jim the unspoken love between josie and jim and their myriad conflicting feelings provides for the play s real upheaval while perhaps not as arresting as its predecessor, a moon for the misbegotten is still an accomplished and affecting work of theater o neill was quite adept at parsing the nuances of human relationships often exposing the many ways things forever left unsaid, unacknowledged, or otherwise unaccounted for erode the individual and all those around them via addiction, indifference, pipe dreams, or emotional unavailability in o neill s nobel prize citation, the swedish academy notes the power, honesty and deep felt emotions of his dramatic works, which embody an original concept of tragedy over six decades since his passing, o neill remains one of the finest playwrights of any generation you can take the truth, josie from me because you and i belong to the same club we can kid the world but we can t fool ourselves, like most people, no matter what we do nor escape ourselves no matter where we run away whether it s the bottom of a bottle, or a south sea island, we d find our own ghosts there waiting to greet us sleepless with pale commemorative eyes, as rossetti wrote. `EBOOK ☙ A Moon for the Misbegotten ✐ A New, Affordable Paperback Edition Of One O Neill S Late Masterpieces Eugene O Neill S Last Completed Play, A Moon For The Misbegotten Is A Sequel To His Autobiographical Long Day S Journey Into Night Moon Picks Up Eleven Years After The Events Described In Long Day S Journey Into Night, As Jim Tyrone Based On O Neill S Older Brother Jamie Grasps At A Last Chance At Love Under The Full Moonlight This Paperback Edition Features An Insightful Introduction By Stephen A Black, Helpful To Anyone Who Desires A Deeper Understanding Of O Neill S Work