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One of the first novels by Arthur C Clarke that I read as a kid Part hard science fiction, part suspenseful thriller, it was a good story then and now.This is a book about saving the lives of people on the moon It is along the same lines as The Martian, using science and clever ideas to overcome setbacks Instead of one person trapped, it is a group of 20, and Clarke has fun with their group dynamic He also uses them as a vehicle to discuss the cult of UFO watchers Other characters are also solid, from the savvy reporter to the unlikable genius who runs the rescue effort Some of the science is a bit dated, but this was written almost a decade before anyone walked on the moon.As to rereading this, I remembered the basic situation and form of rescue, but the various dialog and interactions of the trapped tourists was forgotten The reality does not detract from the nostalgia Though my teen self may have rated this a 5 star book, I think it is closer to 4.5 stars. Finally Got Around ToBack in the 80s when I was swimming through Asimov, Herbert, and Clarke, I distinctly remember picking A Fall of Moondust off my high school library s shelf and reading the first page, then putting it back to save for later A Fall of Moondust might be the closest thing to a suspense thriller Arthur Clarke ever wrote Due to a freak moonquake, the tourist bus spacecraft Selene gets buried 15 meters below one of the lunar seas in a region of dust with bizarre, liquid like properties Parallel plots ensue focusing on the Selene s passengers and crew buried alive with limited air, the engineers on the surface desperately trying to locate and rescue them, and the news reporters vying for first dibs on the story or tragedy of the century A Fall of Moondust sits right on the cusp of the Golden Age of SF and the actual, legitimate Space Age It retains the verve, gusto, and quaint 1950s characterizations of the former, but especially because this is Clarke the solid, real world sensibilities of the latter The science may be a little off regarding the properties of actual lunar dust, but for 1961 the speculation is mostly spot on While we may not have achieved permanent lunar bases and tourism yet, Clarke absolutely nails the importance of sensationalist news reporting in a world of easy global communication which is not surprising given that Clarke is credited with the original idea for geostationary communication satellites.Another author may have sacrificed some of the science in order to ramp up the human tension and make that the focus of the story, but that isn t Clarke s style Nevertheless, his characters aren t merely science spouting robots, and they aren t supermen either Clarke recognizes that solving the problems brought on by human foibles would be just as important in this kind of disaster situation as it would be to solve the engineering problems, and he gives both aspects equal time I can imagine that if Alfred Hitchcock had ever decided to make a science fiction movie, he might have used something like this book as a place to start. @Read Ï A Fall of Moondust ⛎ For A Million Years The Bubble Had Been Growing, Like A Vast Abscess, Below The Root Of The Mountains Now The Abscess Was About To Burst Captain Harris Had Left The Controls On Autopilot And Was Talking To The Front Row Of Passengers As The First Tremor Shook The Boat For A Fraction Of A Second He Wondered If A Fan Blade Had Hit Some Submerged Obstacle Then, Quite Literally, The Bottom Fell Out Of His WorldIt Fell Slowly, As All Things Must Upon The Moon The Sea Was Alive And Moving Every Stage Of That Nightmare Transformation Was Pitilessly Illuminated By The Earth Light, Until The Crater Was So Deep That Its Firewall Was Completely Lost In Shadow, And It Seemed As If Selene Were Racing Into A Curving Crescent Of Utter Blackness An Arc Of AnnihilationIn Darkness And In Silence, They Were Sinking Into The Moon As satisfying as a good HARD SF can be, one complaint often leveled against them is that they are TOO LONG winded and pageTHICK and that those employing IT don t have the proper skills story making, that is to create the narrative friction and plot rhythm requisite to bring the reading experience to a truly enjoyable climax Well, at under 225 pages, this story s tight, well honed body is a classic example of hard science fiction doing it right I DID IT, liked it and I would DO IT again and recommend you consider DOING IT the next time you are looking for a little SFtail tale Written in 1961 by one of the masters, this tight, hard tale takes place on the Moon in the near future when our longtime satellite has been colonized and become an expensive tourist destination The central plot is well laid out and concerns a cruise across the surface of one of the lunar seas that meets with disaster From there, the rest of the book is a race against time to save the passengers as various problems are encountered, tempers run high, nerves are frayed, people are frightened, rescue ideas get kicked around and debated, heroes are born, villains exposedand time, that nasty, unforgiving, unflinching hard ass just keeps ticking What makes this such a good piece of book is Clarke s ability to give excellent detail without spoiling the mood of the story Clarke s science is meticulous, his rescue ideas plausible and set forth in detail and yet the pace never bogs down and he keeps the narrative motion pleasing Given the slimness of the novel, Clarke does sacrifice character development and those present are fairly two dimensional This does not hamper the story and is forgivable given the focus of the novel As good as this was and as superbly crafted from a technical standpoint, I couldn t quite give it four stars call it 3.5 I think this may have been in part due to my not really being in the mood for this story when I read it Unfortunately, books sometimes suffer based on our moods when we read them and that my be the case here As it is, I still enjoyed it and would say it is certainly worth a read given Clarke s ability to so effectively use the scientific and technical aspects of the plot Nominee Hugo Award for Best Novel.. Before there was The Martian and indeed, before Apollo 13 , there was A Fall of Moondust I don t know if the one influenced the other, but the feel is very much the same people are stranded in a situation in space in which there are problems of communication, air, sanity, etc The exact same situations don t come up, but the same basic problems apply, as of course they would I m not sure how feasible the science of the Sea of Thirst is, but Clarke makes it work within the story, and as far as I can tell follows all his conclusions through logically x causes y in the way it should, etc.Unlike The Martian, a whole group of people are trapped and so it goes into the psychology of that kind of situation the sniping, the attempts to keep harmony, the struggles for control For the most part it all feels fairly mild somehow I never really doubted that they would survive and be saved but the steps of problem solving are interesting, and the glimpses of character and the way people come together for an issue like this And the atmosphere of the moon, the eeriness of the dusty expanses and the vastness of space, that is all brought across well too.It s quite a short book, and maybe there s not as much character engagement as in a modern work like The Martian, but I enjoyed it.Originally posted here. Kada bih proljevao ego kao neki onda bih mogao napisati da je Clarkea pojelo vrijeme i da je ovo jako staro i ne uzbudljivo No, Clarke je pitak, mo an, izuzetno znanstven i sko an U ivanje je itati starog majstora Vi e puta sam si postavio pitanj Kako li je samo bilo ljubiteljima fantastike davne 61 godine kada je knjiga napisana Kako su samo oni u ivali u ovim bravurijama boga znanstvene fantastike Bi sam na Sferakonu gdje je jedan hrvatski SF pisac govorio kako je prerastao Clarkea i da njemu vi e to nije Ja tvrdim da ga je tako brzo prerastao jer mu nikada nije ni dorastao Ovo je odmor za du u i o i Premisa je sljede a Putni ko vozilo Selene propadne u krater na Mjesecu usljed redovnog turisti kog obilaska Nalaze se 15 metara ispod povr ine Organizira se spasila ka misija, ljudi u Seleni izdr avaju i prolaze kroz sve faze nadanja Dakle, ni ta posebno, a proi itao sam u tri dana onako s pol snage I toliko mi je drago da nisam prerastao Clerkea i nikada ne u really wonderful set up then bogs down into a bunch of people with slide rules digging a hole Ok, have to own up to not having finished this I couldn t.It was as dry as the dust which lends it s name to the book I just couldn t get enthusiastic about it at all.Sorry Arte If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Swallowed by the Sea of Thirst A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C Clarke He was a boy again, playing in the hot sand of a forgotten summer He had found a tiny pit, perfectly smooth and symmetrical, and there was something lurking in its depths something completely buried except for its waiting jaws The boy had watched, wondering, already conscious of the fact that this was the stage for some microscopic drama He had seen an ant, mindlessly intent upon its mission, stumble at the edge of the crater and topple down the slope.It would have escaped easily enough but when the first grain of sand had rolled to the bottom of the pit, the waiting ogre had reared out of its lair With its forelegs it had hurled a fusilade of sand at the struggling insect, until the avalanche had overwhelmed it and brought it sliding into the throat of the crater.As Selene was sliding now No ant lion had dug this pit on the surface of the Moon, but Pat felt as helpless now as that doomed insect he had watched so many years ago Like it, he was struggling to reach the safety of the rim, while the moving ground swept him back into the depths where death was waiting A swift death for the ant, a protracted one for him and his companions In A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C Clarke Oh this was sooo close to 5 stars It must be, oh gosh, almost 40 years since I read this, and boy did I enjoy it Arthur C is a magnificent storyteller and an excellent character builder.This book builds and builds and just when you think view spoiler its safe, it all goes pete tong sorry English expression new rhyming slang wrong hide spoiler