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What a delightful book This is a fairly detailed expos of legal graft, insider trading, crony capitalism, and so forth by one particular governmental branch Now I understand why State Senators have to rely on petty bribery, drug dealing, and shoplifting to supplement their incomes For they don t control the funding of the agencies that are supposed to police activities labeled criminal for everyone except those in the House and Senate who control the funding of these agencies They probably don t get to pass bills that enhance the profit of companies that offer them first cracks at IPOs while they re writing or voting on said legislation It s a sweet gig If you finish a term in congress and haven t become a multimillionaire or otherwise greatly expanded your fortunes on a 174,000 salary then you re something of a failure Crazy, bipartisan stuff Not surprising whatsoever. Throw Them All Out catches what s really irking the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street politicians and investors are making crony business deals that the rest of us would go to jail for Throw Hastert, Pelosi, Obama, Boehner, Kerry, Buffet, and Soros in that mix And then throw them out.This book captures the contemporary zeitgeist, and while I wish it would have skeweredguilty Republicans there are so many , it s an important book for the 99% of us who think that cronyism should be illegal. Read Ebook ♌ Throw Them All Out ☦ One Of The Biggest Scandals In American Politics Is Waiting To Explode The Full Story Of The Inside Game In Washington Shows How The Permanent Political Class Enriches Itself At The Expense Of The Rest Of Us Insider Trading Is Illegal On Wall Street, Yet It Is Routine Among Members Of Congress Normal Individuals Cannot Get In On IPOs At The Asking Price, But Politicians Do So Routinely The Obama Administration Has Been Able To Funnel Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars To Its Supporters, Ensuring Yet Campaign Donations An Entire Class Of Investors Now Makes All Of Its Profits Based On Influence And Access In Washington Peter Schweizer Has Doggedly Researched Through Mountains Of Financial Records, Tracking Complicated Deals And Stock Trades Back To The Timing Of Briefings, Votes On Bills, And Every Other Point Of Leverage For Politicians In Washington The Result Is A Manifesto For Revolution The Permanent Political Class Must Go I generally do not recommend books to people, probably because i have never cared enough However, I just finished reading Throw Them All Out This book provides very specific examples of how our corrupt government both parties is using their political power to enrich themselves and their wealthy connections at the expense of the taxpayer If anyone has even a modicum of interest in learning why things are not getting better for the average American, this is a must read It is a short, quick read so it doesn t require much time investment If you read this and are as sickened as i am, please let others know about this book. Peter Schweizer has compiled a lot of data to make a compelling argument that the status quo in federal government desperately needs to be changed.The book has three sections Part One, Congressional Cronies, has 4 chapters that show how members of Congress exploit their power and the absence of adequate rules to inappropriately enrich themselves Members of both parties are criticized, but there areexamples of Democrats than Republicans because Democrats had majorities in both the House and the Senate from 2007 through 2010, when this book was being researched.Part Two, Capitalist Cronies, has 3 chapters that deal with businessmen who use their political connections to get unfair advantages over competitors Part Two has a lot to say about the stimulus programs of 2008 and 2009 and shows many examples of maximum stimulus dollars being spent to create a minimum number of jobs One example is a 100 million grant to the Basin Electric Power Cooperative, a partner of Powerspan Powerspan s investors include George Soros and two members of President Obama s National Finance Committee As of December, 2010, 1 years after the grant was announced, the project had created eight jobs.Mr Schweizer raises many questions about the stimulus programs of 2008 and 2009 and stimulus plans in general One question is whether the federal government should be in the business of selecting some businesses but not selecting other businesses to receive amounts paid by taxpayers Even if this could be done impartially, the very nature of rewarding some businesses and not rewarding other businesses is inherently unfair It is unfair to both the businesses that don t get selected and to the taxpayers who are forced to subsidize businesses instead of spending their money to stimulate the economy in whatever ways they choose When the inherent unfairness of the process of the government selecting winners and losers is complicated by unavoidable tendencies to reward political supporters crony capitalism , it is hard not to conclude that stimulus programs doharm than good.Another Part Two revelation is that Warren Buffett made many self enriching recommendations during bailout considerations while trying to appear the altruistic, paternalistic advisor.Part Three, Breaking the Back of Crony Capitalism, concludes with Mr Schweizer s recommendations for reforming the system These recommendations include laws restricting insider government information, which exist in Great Britain and throughout the European Union.Mr Schweizer is to be commended for the profound revelations and significant recommendations in this book One relatively minor problem is that the book in general, and Part One in particular, deals with numbers The details for the large gains resulting from legislators trading on their insider information make for dry reading Again, the author is to be commended for his research, but some of the numbers would have madesense if they had been presented in tables instead of prose Another minor issue is that because of the weak reporting requirements that currently exist that only require reporting in ranges, some of the examples of legislators unethically taking advantage of insider trading do not definitively show that large profits have been made.The title of the book might seem to be an exaggeration Unfortunately, it is not Mr Schweizer makes a strong case that there is a lot of legal but not ethical exploitation of legislative power If legislators were interested in making the necessary changes to eliminate this type of behavior, they would have done it by now. Friggin UnbelievableThose are the only words I can use to describe this book The author laid out well the Let them eat cake mentality which is permeating Washington with no political preference on multiple levels In my opinion, a must read for every US citizen not currently holding office in Washington or in any state capital cuz I am sure the same stuff happens there to open our eyes to the Political Class and all of their dirty dealings which would send the average US citizen to jail, if we could even get our hands on it. very one sided author s affiliation with the Hoover Inst should have been my first clue in taking down liberal politicians only Dick Halliburton Cheney doesn t even appear in the index, whereas Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Barack Obama come in for rough treatment, and Obama s stimulus grant process gets a thorough once over.Some of it is also numbingly detailed and here s example 356 of a congressperson pushing for an earmark in favor of a road improvement that just happens to improve property values in, wait for it, HIS neighborhood.But overall makes a convincing case that conflict of interest rules are too lax for politicians and that they exploit this for their own financial gain regularly Does seem absurd that they can openly trade in individual stocks of companies and then vote on and or write policies directly affecting those companies, who in turn can bankroll their campaigns Wouldn t cleanse politics of corporate or big donor influence, but it should be feasible to institute COI rules similar to what applies to judges etc. Peter Schweizer uncovers that congressman are apparently exempt from insider trading laws and researches into how the buying and selling of stock often appears to conflict with their writing of laws Reinforcing the notion of the Political Class he illustrates with cases of both democrats and republicans who leverage their access and control to benefit themselves and others via insider trading and gaining access to IPO s in ways that any other citizen would be charged and arrested for insider trading.If true, the legitimacy of our lawmakers is under serious question when they can create a personal profit by manipulating what issues are pursued, what bills are addressed, and trade the market respectively.In sports betting for your own baseball team is illegal.Shouldn t there be stricter rules for leaders in control of the government with hands that can directly affect the economy At the root of the Permanent Political Class is a profound sense of arrogance Schweizer.This is a book for grown folks of all political stripes who are tired of buying slogans over statistics, or for those who never did to begin with Essentially, Throw Them All Out is a modern American manifesto Schweizer painstakingly details and connects dots that reveal the scope of government and corporate corruption throughout approximately the last decade There is apronounced focus on the fever pitched pace of political maneuvering throughout the last several years He deftly accomplishes this using easy to read charts, maps, and drawings, and exposition in plain English He also meticulously annotates facts and timelines.The book exposes the political and fiscal underpinnings behind the drafting of the legislation of the health reform bill, going far to explain much of the political bombast that Americans were subjected to during throughout that time, courtesy of mainstream media.For example, John Boehner and John Kerry, who both publicly espoused such different views regarding the health reform bill, nonetheless had portfolios that show how they d both profited from the legislation In this way, Schweizer shows that they were allies when it came to investment decisions The only logical conclusion a reader can make is that it was all theater Over time performances of apolitical, versus political hedge funds, are analyzed These analyses lead the reader to disturbing conclusions regarding the vast and varying extents of numerous congress people involved in short selling stocks against the best interest of America s economy and,importantly, its people He posits the question, Why did the Tammany Hall political machine gain so much power in New York City The answer is revealed The public had come to accept it Thus, the parallel between then and now is clearly illustrated Okay, so now the public must come to reject it How, you ask In addition to a discussion of the lexical evolution of the term cronyism , Constitutional Article 1, Clause 6 Speech and Debate Clause is also given lengthy consideration what it is used to justify, and what it actually exists to protect Essentially, says Schweizer, Cronyism is the antithesis of a meritocracy Toward the book s end, he outlines a bulleted list of initiatives that could go far to minimize the practice of crony capitalism To summarize them, they d involve o The creation of a legal code that would make trading of non public government information illegal.o Requiring SEC disclosure of stock trades within two days for Congress members the way that corporate insiders are currently required to.o Not permitting Congress members to trade stock in companies that are overseen by their committees.o Applying whistleblower laws to Congress o Not permitting sweetheart IPOs initial public offerings to be bid on by members of Congress in advance of public availability o Revisiting and maintaining existing conflict of interest laws.o Not allowing earmarks that would yield direct financial benefits to specific members of Congress.o Not allowing Congress members to become lobbyists o Not allowing campaign contributions to take place while Congress is in session Until such initiatives are adopted, in the interim, the reader can draw her own conclusions, and echo the sentiment of the title. This is another of the long list of books that certain people should read but never will This book takes a look at the growing corporate congress complex and highlights the fact that Congressional politicians are making MILLIONS and sometimes even BILLIONS of dollars by acting on their inside knowledge of upcoming government actions On average Congresscritters do many percentage points better in their stock and real estate investments than the average Joe Are they just smarter Well, maybe, but in case after case records show that they have bought or sold stock at JUST the right time to benefit For instance John Kerry bought millions of dollars in stock that were sure to benefit by the health care bill Nancy Pelosi also blocked measures that would help Visa, a company she has heavily invested in The list goes on and on but the kicker is that the entire thing is LEGAL There are no conflict of interest rules or insider trading statutes that cover the Senate or the House Records show well timed investments made by close campaign contributers as well, so not only does Congresspersons and Senators benefit, so does their biggest campaign buddies.This book goes after the Obama White House for passing along information to close cronies, but there is significant problem with this book Schweizer is known to be a conservative, and while he rightly goes after Obama s abysmal record he hardly mentions the biggest corporate cronies we ve ever seen in office the Bush White House Not only did Bush and Cheney enrich themselves with the government s help, but people died doing it when you consider the push for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan The fact that the Bush administration is conveniently not mentioned could be the fact that this a book written in 2011, but it does cause a question of fairness and credibility Schweizer does call out other Republicans and do his best to present this a systemic problem and not a problem with just one of the parties which is correct but this omission makes me scratch my head The Bush White House was a dream for corporate cronies and it set the precedent for the Obama administration, but it doesn t make the cut and does not get called out.Despite that, the message of this book is strong and clear and convincing and it deserves a read.Edit After re considering the fairness issue with Schweizer s focus as mentioned above I have docked this book another star It pays too much lip service to the fact that the graft is on both sides while working to protect Republicans at the same time.