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This is one of the best books I have ever read and the best book I have read in a very long time It is an absolute treasure Because it does not float to the top of the list for classics, it is easily missed, but I would put it up there with Treasure Island It had me in its grip from start to finish and I rarely experience that any Wonderful setting, themes, characters An adventure with a heart wrenching message about life, love, and the pursuit of fortune A must read As in life, so in a game of hazard, skill will make something of the worst of throws A fine story of coming of age and treasure hunt starting from a village of smugglers in Southern England steeped in local tales and legends.Maybe the twists and turns in the second half are overdone and far fetched but it spoils nothing of the fun of taking part in this marvelous treasure hunt Matching Soundtrack Isabeau s y prom ne Je fis une rencontre Traditional Song in Quebechttps www.youtube.com watch v QuE0MDans la vie, comme dans un jeu de hasard, l habile tirera toujours quelque chose du pire coup de d sUne belle histoire de passage l ge adulte et de chasse au tr sor qui part d un petit village de contrebandiers dans le sud de l Angleterre.Les rebondissements qui s encha nent partir de la seconde moiti sont s rement invraisemblables, mais a n enl ve rien au plaisir de prendre part cette fantastique chasse au tr sor Musique folklorique Isabeau s y prom ne Je fis une rencontre Traditional Song in Quebechttps www.youtube.com watch v QuE0M Smugglers, betrayal, murder, love, avarice, it would be difficult to say what Falkner s late 18th Century tale of adventure doesn t have In my opinion Moonfleet equals Stevenson s or Twain s works although it s never quite received the same recognition As with Jim Hawkins or Huck Finn, the tale s main character and first person narrator, is a young boy, John Trenchard, yet I would argue that in terms of characterisation Falkner s work is superior to these two other works, for the maturational journey from na ve youth to guilt ridden and almost broken adulthood is expertly handled In contrast to the YA, boy s own adventure scenes earlier on, the last third is incredibly emotive, especially the final shipwreck scene and Elzevir Block.Chance is a recurring theme in the novel symbolised as the role of dice in a backgammon game , as is self resilience and these two elements are juxtaposed throughout as Trenchard s fate rises then falls dramatically until its seems utterly hopeless No spoilers here though, you should read this one for yourself. I am a huge fan of the children s books of the Golden Age from, let us say, Alice in Wonderland to The Hobbit The best ones combine corking good yarns with deeper overtones of myth and spirituality, and focus on ethics in a nonpreachy way I admire their authors gift for dropping the reader straight into the middle to the tale, in contrast to the literary trends of the time, and for holding the reader in suspense As a sucker for vocabulary, I also love that they don t write down to their readers, forcing readers to stretch to understand.Plus I m working on a smuggling story, so when I heard about John Meade Falkner s Moonfleet, I just had to read it Set in the mid eighteenth century though written about 150 years later , it tells the story of John Trenchard, a teenage orphan growing up in an impoverished coastal village in southern England He is being brought up by an aunt who isstrict than loving, but finds affection and some parenting among the older men of the village He also has a crush on a girl, the daughter of the wealthiest man in town she has been a childhood pal but now isto him.As becomes rapidly clear, many of the townspeople are engaged in the free trade smuggling and before long John is embroiled in their activities The fact that his sweetheart s father is actively engaged in defeating the smugglers ratchets up the conflict Things very rapidly go bad for John, and he finds himself on the run.At this point my interest in the story started to flag a bit, though the book did carry me on to the end Cut loose from his village context, John encounters a series of well, they re too dire to call them adventures,like calamities and this story becomesandlurid The book becameabout whatever will happen next and less about character and nuance The d nouement was hasty and pretty sentimental In the end, while I enjoyed the story and the author s style, I felt there was something missing. This is probably the best YA book I have ever read Only a few others were as good as this one was After all, What can be better than Floating Coffins in a small village called Moonfleet with smugglers Galore, hairbreadth escapes on cliff paths which zigzag up in an alarming manner and a lost diamond John was wholly believable and likable, even if I did want to shake him till his teeth rattled His substitute Father I liked better He may have been a smuggler but he was a sight better then the rest of the men in this book Who would have thought there could be a good smuggler, one who wasn t out to wring everyone s neck It was wonderful to read a YA book that was not stereotyped.I loved this book enough to reread it right now And that ending Oh, talk about shivers down your spine Breathtakingly beautiful I m at a loss for words. *Download ⇹ Moonfleet ↭ MoonfleetBegins As A Mystery And An Adventure Story, A Tale Of Smuggling Set Among The Cliffs, Caves, And Downs Of Dorset What Will Be The Outcome Of The Conflict Between Smugglers And Revenue Men How Can The Hero, John Trenchard, Discover The Secret Of Colonel John Mohune S Treasure As The Book Progresses These Two Interwoven Themes Resolve Themselves Into A Third And Richer One, With The Friendship And Suffering Of Both John Trenchard And The Craggy, Taciturn Elzevir Block Falkner S Feeling For History And For The Landscape Of His Dorset Setting Combine With His Gift For Storytelling To Turn Moonfleet Into A Historical Romance Of Moving Intensity How I loved this book I had never heard of it growing up but recently found a most intriguing blog post, which speaks to the power of a good book review When a grown woman recommends a boy s adventure story, it bears looking into.I haven t read Robert Louis Stevenson so can t say whether it is Treasure Island lite as another reviewer noted, I also expected pirates and found none, though there are smugglers, shipwrecks, and hidden treasure , but the imagery is beautiful, the language is evocative, and the characters are moving Here is the blog post that led me to read it